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Mohammed HERRAG (MD, PhD)

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1 Mohammed HERRAG (MD, PhD)
Respiratory Disease Department, Mohammed VI teaching Hospital. Faculty of Medicine of Oujda, Mohammed Premier University. Oujda, Morocco. Pr M. HERRAG (MD)

2 Rabat Marrakech Casablanca

3 Oujda Pr M. HERRAG (MD)

4 Mohammed VI University Hospital

5 Who performes Respiratory care?
Physicians: ABG, PFT. Nurses: RT: NO! (General nurses).

6 Is there any respiratory care society?
NO. For physicians: there are: Moroccan respiratory society. Moroccan allergy society.

7 Names of host cities Week one Week Two Minneapolis, MN.
Emporia, Ks: - Newman Hospital. Wichita, Ks: - Wesley’s Hospital. - Christie Hospital. - Newman University. Kansas city, Ks, Mi - Kansas University Hospital Minneapolis, MN. - Pediatric home service. - Minnesota university Hospital. - St Catherine.

8 Three things i valued for each city
Emporia, KS Minneapolis, MN Communication. Quality/ Accreditation. Organisation. High technology Team work. « Enjoy working »

9 Valuable things to bring back
Respiratory care: vital. Instore a programm of RT. Exchange: Both sides. Collaboration.


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