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Microsoft NHS regional road-show introductions Tim Gee, Healthcare Business Manager, Microsoft UK

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1 Microsoft NHS regional road-show introductions Tim Gee, Healthcare Business Manager, Microsoft UK

2 Morning agenda for Roadshow Introduction & welcome –Microsoft & NHS Partners Showcase & Exhibitors Microsoft in Healthcare –Worldwide & UK NHS Connecting for Health –Enterprise Agreement & NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model NHSmail –Next generation NHSmail Local Community ICT Strategy & Plans –Local perspective on IM&T Plans Smart procurement –Get the best out of the EA and Software Asset Management NHS Resource Centre –eLearning, HUP, EPP, News, Collaboration

3 Afternoon agenda – Partner NHS Showcase Eurodata - Infrastructure - Security Ioko – Collaborate WCI –Collaborate – eDischarge Nottingham University Hospital – Project CASE

4 About Eurodata Experienced Microsoft Gold Partner 5 years of experience in NHS Sector NHS Focused offer called “Better Health” including 24x7 Managed Service offering over N3 Connection Professional services (Infrastructure and Identity) Thorough understanding of infrastructure requirements within NHSOver 30 reference sitesPASA ApprovedASCC Certified

5 Taran Sohal Business Development Manager ioko (Carelink) MOSS solutions – Intranet, Information Governance & E-Forms N3 Hosting – web, application, spine aggregation Sophy Tayler Senior Account Manager D2i Building Collaborative Solutions People * Knowledge * Technology Steve Prokopiu Practice Manager IM Group Business Intelligence and Performance Management Consultancy Global MS Business Intelligence Partner of the Year – 3 years running Ongoing relationships with several NHS organisations including: - Bradford and Airedale PCT - Lincolnshire Teaching PCT - London Ambulance Service - Warwickshire PCT

6 Lean Patient Discharge Case Study ABOUT WCI  About WCI -  A focused management consultancy spanning 21 years with a 20 year partnership with the NHS  Lean Health –  We simplify processes to reduce waste and improve patient care and are experts in integrating systems in a clinical environment  Case Study – Lean Patient Discharge  Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  Context & Issues  Process Improvement  Technology to support the process  Design for the Future

7 Mini partner expo Evidian – Connect – Enterprise Sign-on Cable & Wireless - Collaborate - NHS Mail Contemporary – Inform


9 NHSmail is moving to Microsoft Exchange 2007…. …providing a user-friendly front end based on Outlook Web Access 2007 and greater opportunities for additional features. NHSmail will become a service at the forefront of email development Benefits for organisations: a secure email service that can be used for exchanging clinical and other sensitive information; a service based on Exchange 2007, effectively a service upgrade centrally funded, so free at the point of use; an email to SMS facility can be used to send patient appointment reminders, free of charge, reducing DNA rates; frees up budget currently spent on maintaining and upgrading email servers. “NHSmail is uniquely placed to provide secure communications to the NHS and my objective for the service is to see it become as ubiquitous as phones or bleeps and to be understood by everyone that it is THE way to communicate securely with their colleagues.” Dr Simon Eccles, Consultant in Emergency Medicine & NHSmail Senior Responsible Officer

10 Contemporary are pleased to provide: White Paper: A flexible approach to Business Intelligence, Data Management & Reporting within the NHS Solution Brief: NHS Information Framework Customer Case Study: George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

11 Microsoft in Healthcare Tim Gee, Healthcare Business Manager, Microsoft UK Nick Umney, Lead Account Technology Strategist

12 Microsoft in Healthcare Over 700 people dedicated to Health: Worldwide Public Sector Healthcare –Healthcare, Health and Social Services Microsoft Healthcare & Life Sciences -US –Providers, Health Plans, Life Sciences Health Solutions Group –Consumers, Enterprise Hospitals and Health Systems Academic Hospitals and Medical Schools

13 Our Growing Commitment 1995 Microsoft Healthcare Team established 1995 Microsoft Healthcare Team established A large partner ecosystem supported by more than 700 Microsoft employees 2007 Acquisition of Medstory 2007 Acquisition of Medstory 1995 MSHUG formation 1995 MSHUG formation Growing Healthcare Presence Active X for Healthcare Windows NT SQL Server Partner ecosystem development Growing Healthcare Presence Active X for Healthcare Windows NT SQL Server Partner ecosystem development 2006 Acquisition of Azyxxi 2006 Acquisition of Azyxxi 1996 20072006 2003 2002 2000 1998 2005 1999 health & fitness Microsoft Corporation Confidential and Privileged 1995 2005 Health Solutions Group Peter Neupert Re-joins Microsoft from to incubate and lead HSG 2005 Health Solutions Group Peter Neupert Re-joins Microsoft from to incubate and lead HSG 2007 US launch of HealthVault 2007 US launch of HealthVault 2007 Acquisition of Global Care Solutions 2007 Acquisition of Global Care Solutions

14 Announced in February The new version of Hospital 2000, is a state-of-the-art, integrated hospital information system designed for international markets. Amalga HIS includes an integrated Electronic Medical Record with complete patient and bed management, laboratory, pharmacy, RIS/PACS, pathology, financial accounting, materials management and human resource systems. Its integrated architecture allows the radiologist to use a single application to manipulate images and access the entire patient medical record. The workstation interface is optimized for workflow, including support for pre- defined templates, an intuitive report editor, voice recognition and dictation capabilities. Available as a standalone system as well as a component of Microsoft Amalga HIS. The new Microsoft Amalga family of Health Enterprise Systems The new version of the product formerly known as Azyxxi, is the “Unified Intelligence System” that allows large hospital enterprises to unlock the power of all their data sitting in clinical, financial and administrative silos. Without replacing current systems it offers an innovative way to capture, store, access and instantly present data.

15 Fulfilling a vision of connected health that serves the patient by bringing together information from across the healthcare ecosystem Partner Applications Microsoft Health Solutions Group EnterpriseConsumer Microsoft Technology Platform Integrated health information solutions for hospitals Health information integration platform that brings together data from hundreds of different sources Consumer health information platform connecting doctors, partner applications, and devices Consumer health search Hospital Legacy Systems


17 Microsoft Health Future Vision

18 Remote Monitoring Virtual Visit with Case Manager Hospital Rounding Medication Management

19 Locating Equipment In-Patient Visit Virtual Consultation Retail Clinic Services

20 Health Future Vision

21 Microsoft UK & the NHS NHS / Microsoft Enterprise Wide Agreements have been in place since 2001 Current framework extends to 2012 Microsoft UK Healthcare team extends to over 50 staff working across : –Account Team – supporting NHS Customers & Partners –Online Team – NHS Resource Centre –NHS CUI Development Programme CAPS ; IM&T and Knowledge Worker tools –Consultancy and Support NHS CfH; CSC; C&W, NHS Trusts –Microsoft Premier Support Services

22 Knowledge Driven Health

23 Quick and easy access to data and information via enhanced analytical tools, dashboards and business intelligence Share citizen records as appropriate to speed services and avoid duplication, using security-enhanced technologies Improved access to information and services including Search View data from multiple agencies in a single repository More informed decision-making. Improved decision-making through increased real-time collaboration, using data from across agency silos Improved content and data management reducing the time spent searching for info Maximize Enterprise Search capabilities that help people find and share information Integrated collaboration capabilities such as automated workflow Collaborate seamlessly virtually anywhere on virtually any device. Create electronic client records, providing a single unified view of the client Pull records from multiple agencies into one client record via common client ID Create interoperability within IT infrastructure, to tie into older systems, and to move data between old and new systems Share and integrate data appropriately with security-enhanced technologies Create service-oriented architecture.


25 Level 1 Basic Disjointed, manual Infrastructure Knowledge not shared Reactive & ad- hoc Unpredictable service performance User driven “who shouts loudest” Focus is to Avoid Downtime Level 2 Controlled Coordinated, manual Infrastructure. Knowledge silos exist Reactive with some planning in place Services manageable & getting predictable Problem driven Focus is to Get Control Level 3 Standardised Standardized Infrastructure Individual Level collaboration and knowledge sharing Reactive & becoming proactive Stable & architected IT Infrastructure Request driven Focus is to Adopt Standards & Best Practice Level 4 Optimised Consolidated and virtualized Infrastructure Team level knowledge sharing & collaboration Proactive & accountable Continuous service improvement Service driven Focus is on Efficiency Level 5 Innovative IT & business stakeholders work in partnership Enterprise level knowledge sharing & collaboration Strategic assetDrives service innovation Value driven Focus is to become a Catalyst for Innovation NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model

26 More Pressure Than Ever on NHS IT Budgets Cost Efficiencies Critical Business Uptime Critical Business Uptime Improve Clinical & Admin Productivity Improve Clinical & Admin Productivity Patient & Customer Connections Patient & Customer Connections Technology Innovation Technology Innovation Regulatory Compliance Maintain Strict Security Maintain Strict Security Improved Results & Patient experience Information Governance Information Governance 80% Reactive 20% Proactive 20% Proactive

27 To support NHS Connecting For Health in achieving the following: Increasing patient safety CUI Programme Goals CUI Programme Mission Increasing clinical effectiveness Increasing the ease of adoption and relevance of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office to the NHS “Delivery of best-practice guidance and solutions that will support NHS Connecting For Health and their suppliers in delivering the National Programme for IT, such that NHS employees are able to work within a more consistent, relevant, productive and managed environment.”

28 CUI Programme Focus Areas Delivers technology agnostic standards and Microsoft Windows-based components which all clinical applications should adopt in order to be easy to use, enable patient safety, and provide consistency of user experience across the whole of the NHS. Clinical Applications and Patient Safety Delivers best practice advice and guidance to assist NHS Entities in moving towards a more mature, secure, centrally managed workstation and server infrastructure. Delivers additional Microsoft Office functionality to support NHS clinical and business processes, and provide the NHS with a more productive information worker environment. IM&T and Knowledge Worker Tools Efficiency

29 Microsoft Premier Support Customisable Support contract Reactive and Proactive Services Offered. 12 month Service Delivery Plan by a Technical Account Manager Knowledge Transfer and enablement Achieve operational efficiency in line with Local IM&T plans 16 NHS Organisations Committed “I want to really leverage what I can get from the Enterprise Agreement [that Microsoft has with the NHS] and the Premier Support contract can help me to do that” - John Thornbury, Director of ICT at Worcestershire Health ICT Services

30 NHS Premier Customers NHS Trusts –Barnsley Hospitals –Eastern and Coastal Kent PCT –Heartlands Hospital –Leeds Partnership NHS Trust –London Ambulance –South Tees Hospitals Health Informatics Services –Lancashire Care NHS Trust –North Cumbria HIS –North Staffordshire HIS –St Helens and Knowsley HIS –Surrey HIS –Worcestershire ICT DoH - NHS Choices NHS Connecting for Health NHS Wales – Informing Healthcare


32 Connected Health Framework Architecture Communication Operations Management Security Collaboration Services Presentation and Point of Access Services Identity Management Services Privacy and Security Services Service Publication and Location Shared Services System Management Services Communication Services Data Services User Processes Business Processes Connected Health Services Hub Integration Services Business Components Service Component Interface Data Access Logic Components

33 Communication Operations Management Security Collaboration Services Presentation and Point of Access Services Identity Management Services Privacy and Security Services Service Publication and Location Shared Services System Management Services Communication Services Data Services User Processes Business Processes Connected Health Services Hub Integration Services Business Components Service Component Interface Data Access Logic Components Microsoft’s Connected Health Platform Office System Visual Studio,.NET Framework BizTalk Server,.NET Framework Office System, LiveMeeting, Exchange, Windows Server System Operations Manager, System Center SQL Server Windows Mobile

34 NHS CUI – IM&T Tools - Focus “To assist NHS Entities in achieving an easily deployable, well managed, and more secure desktop and server infrastructure.” The IM&T Tools Project will contribute to the following outcomes: Increasing infrastructure maturity, to provide a solid foundation Reducing diversity, to provide a common platform Simplifying deployment, to provide efficient implementations Realising value from the Enterprise Agreement

35 Phase 1 Guidance and Tools

36 Phase 2 Guidance and Tools








44 Launch a Video Conversation Dr Jordan I need your help with a diagnosis Do you have time to join me in a Video conference?

45 Extend to the whole team



48 Universal Availability - Rich & Reach Converged modality Identity-centric Available Anytime, anywhere Multiple browsers Presence Consistent Experience

49 Live Meeting in Healthcare Grand Rounds Presentations Clinical Case Conferences Medical Staff Meetings Staff Training Patient Referrals and Case Consultations Internal Patient Education Group Patient Visits for Chronic Disease Counseling and Follow-up Visits Practice Marketing External


51 Business Intelligence?

52 UK Healthcare Information Needs Payment by Results –“focuses on improving the quality of patient level data that underpins the effective operation of payment by results” Practice based Commissioning –“Expert, imaginative commissioning is central to a patient-led NHS and changes to the organisation of primary care are in making the NHS fit for the 21st century” 18 Week Care pathways –“‘Pioneers’ who have been working since the start of the year to look at how we track and measure the timeliness of patients’ progress from referral to treatment” Patient Level Costing? Our Health, Our Care, Our Say –10 year plan to become more responsive to patient needs and prevent ill health by the promotion of healthy lifestyles – Predictive Healthcare

53 Business Intelligence Layers

54 NHS BI Proof of Concept A demonstrable method of managing the performance of a Trust, Hospital or shared service Automation of manual effort – current systems are error prone and take many days to compile management data Fewer people working smarter – “moving people up the value chain ”

55 NHS Trust Hospital Scorecard FINANCIAL ACTIVITY PATIENT FACINGPEOPLE Maintain Break Even Position Deliver Value for Money Reduce Budget by x% over n years Improve patient satisfaction Improve quality and access to information Improve # patients who choose hospital Reduce # complaints Reduce sickness / absence Everyone has an appraisal every year Meeting headcount targets Manage locum consultant appointments Reduce waiting list / times Reduce cancellations Reduce re-admission and DNAs Maximize bed availability Reduce hospital acquired infections Meet contract targets

56 NHS BI Proof of Concept 80GB of anonymous data offered by Portsmouth for Live VPC Demo with Exec teams Easy step by step demo built for Partners and virtual Healthcare team –Office Web component Introduction –SQL Server Reporting Services Introduction –Excel 2007 formatting –Excel 2007 forecasting –Information Integrated with Vision and MapPoint –Report Builder Demonstration

57 Demo Title Name Title Group

58 Microsoft Confidential Amalga, the Unified Intelligence System, turns information into critical knowledge by unlocking the power of data sitting in clinical, financial and administrative silos. Unified Microsoft Amalga provides a single point for unified access to the wealth of information present in healthcare organizations. This system helps users correlate information from multiple systems. Manageable Designed from the inside out for simplified deployment and support, Microsoft Amalga allows for changes and organic evolution without added burden to the organization. The system is built on widely used and supported Microsoft products for high availability, scalability and data storage with security features. Flexible With its innovative and flexible data capture, storage and presentation capabilities, Microsoft Amalga quickly delivers rich, role-based, customizable views and allows users to adapt the system to their own workflow and preferences. It helps users to be immediately productive with minimal disruption

59 Microsoft Confidential VIEWERSFUNCTIONSDATA CORE Microsoft Amalga is the new way to capture, consolidate, store, access and quickly present data in meaningful ways LabsCardiologyProcedure Documentation Medication Administration HemodynamicsCPOEPharmacyDictationMedication Dispensing PACS Mobile DataICU/ Critical Care Advanced Analytics Contract Management Claims Management Revenue Management Bed Management Financial/ ERP Enterprise Scheduling Business Decision Support Inventory RegistrationStaff/Nurse Scheduling Outcomes Management Transcription Electronic Medical Record OR Management Emergency Department Image Distribution PurchasingAccess Management Nursing Workflow/ Documentation ChartingClinical Notes Pathology Document Imaging Medical Records Coding Orders Call Management Physician Practice Imaging RIS Amalga

60 Microsoft Confidential Client Viewer Navigation and function buttons Filter Sort Timeframe Data Scope Info Input Forms A A B B C C D D E E F F G G 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 11 12 Displays current patient count Patients displayed in rows Navigation and function buttons A A B B C C D D E E F F G G 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 11 12 Displays title of view Details and values displayed in columns Name Age/Sex Date/Time In Chief Complaint Vital Signs Past Medical History Lab Results Radiology Results Medications Ordered X-Ray Images Dictations CT Scan Images Details and values displayed in columns

61 Microsoft Confidential Orthopedic Unit NurseFinance ManagerQuality Manager Resource PlannerCardiologistCompliance Officer

62 Microsoft Confidential Amalga is designed with a layered architecture to support: A high level of redundancy Deferred data decisions Efficient and speedy data retrieval Minimized interdependencies Transparency and traceability from the original message to end

63 Microsoft Confidential NameTypeFirst Use MedStarHealth SystemOperations Johns HopkinsAcademic TeachingCore Measures New York PresbyterianAcademic Teaching Clinical Operations Core Measures Financial & Clinical Wisconsin Health Information Exchange Health Info Exchange for Emergency Rooms Emergency Room Linkage Novant Health SystemHealth SystemClinical Operations H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Inst. Oncology & ResearchSupport Research Efforts St. Joseph Health SystemHealth SystemOperations & Quality

64 Microsoft Confidential Unlocks data that sits in clinical, financial and administrative silos across organizations Rolls up all patient centric, financial and operational data into one unified database Enables people to create customized, flexible views for immediate, on-the-fly analysis Offers a manageable enterprise platform to capture, store and present the data from across all existing systems Provides instant access to people that need to turn the data into critical knowledge

65 Knowledge Driven Health

66 In Summary Microsoft is in Healthcare for the long term The NHS EWA offers a wide range of outstanding products Solution Envisioning is a key part of our strategy IOI / NIMM offers evolutionary track to increase operational efficiency and deliver greatest value for EWA Microsoft & Partner Services can offer key to success Enjoy the day!


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