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How To Prepare For Your First Online Class By Jeannie Tipton Let’s Begin!

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1 How To Prepare For Your First Online Class By Jeannie Tipton Let’s Begin!

2 Welcome To Online Learning! This presentation will outline: –Computer set-up and technical requirements –Resources on the student Web page –Class participation procedures –Coursework requirements –University contact information

3 Before Your Class Starts: Check your computer for the specified system requirements Read the orientation materials Install your software Download your online classroom Explore the student Web page Then just click and start learning!

4 Computer Requirements: 266 MHz processor Windows 98 or higher, ME, or XP 64mb of RAM 3 GB hard drive Microsoft Office Internet connection – high speed is best!

5 The Student Web Page Provides: Links to your course materials –Online textbook –Articles and Web sites Access to the Online Library Your course schedule Access to your grade reports Click here for a tour of the Student Web!here

6 Administration Your Team Finance Counselor Financial Aid Payments & Receipts Academic Counselor Schedule Changes Degree Completion Technical Support You may contact tech support and your counselors by phone or e-mail!

7 Online Classroom Software Software and instructions will arrive in the mail Read the user’s guide Install Outlook Express software Follow instructions for downloading your online classroom newsgroups Classroom newsgroups are available two days prior to the first day of class Contact tech support for assistance!

8 What To Do The First Day Of Class: Log into your classroom newsgroups in Outlook Express Check main newsgroup for message posted by the instructor Check course materials folder for syllabus and other materials and instructions

9 What Else To Do The First Day: Reply to messages posted by your instructor and classmates Post your “Biography” which can include: –Current employment information –Previous professional experience –Educational background –Hobbies or other information you’d like to share

10 Typical Weekly Homework Requirements: Read your textbook Answer discussion questions Participate in class discussions 5 days Individual paper Learning team paper or project

11 How To Post And Reply To compose a new post message, click “Write Message” To reply to a message in the class, click “Reply to Group” To send a personal reply (to the in-box), click “Reply to Sender” Always “Reply to Group” for attendance and participation!

12 Attendance And Participation Attendance = Posting 1 message on 2 different days of the week in any newsgroup Participation = Posting a substantial response 5 different days of the week in the main newsgroup Check syllabus for specific requirements!

13 More About Participation: It’s flexible! There is no specific time that you must log in or post messages Attend class any time of the day or night Go to class when it’s convenient for you!

14 Submitting Assignments Post answers to discussion questions in the main folder Post replies in the main folder (participation) Post papers to the assignments folder (copy your in-box)

15 University Contact Information: 24-hour tech support: (877) 832-4867 –E-mail: TechSupport@Phoenix.EduTechSupport@Phoenix.Edu Counselors: (800) 366-9699 University Services customer service: (800) 866-3919 Enjoy Online Learning! The End

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