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Social Studies Map Skills

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1 Social Studies Map Skills
Map Keys, symbols V. Martinez

2 Symbols Symbols are pictures that represent something.

3 Key or legend A key or legend is an area on the map that shows us what each symbol represents.

4 Scale Scale is the section of the map that shows how much smaller the map is compared to the real area it represents.

5 Directions Directions tell which way to go.

6 Compass Rose A compass rose is a symbol on a map which indicates the directions for a map.

7 Cardinal Directions North South East West

8 Intermediate directions
Northeast Southeast Northwest Southwest

9 Latitude Lines These lines circle the globe running east to west

10 Longitude Lines or meridians
Circle the globe running North to South

11 Equator- latitude Prime Meridian - longitude

12 Equator The equator is a zero degree line of latitude that separates the Northern hemisphere from the Southern Hemisphere.

13 Prime Meridian The prime meridian is the zero degree line of longitude that separates the eastern and western hemisphere.

14 Globe A model of the earth

15 Map


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