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Map Skills Vocabulary.

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1 Map Skills Vocabulary

2 Copy the following vocabulary words into your SS notebook.
cardinal directions compass rose equator hemisphere intermediate directions key latitude longitude prime meridian

3 Directions Define the vocabulary terms in your own words. (use your book,, etc. to find definitions) “Sketch” a picture to represent each vocabulary word. Definitions and pictures due Thursday.

4 Cardinal Directions Four main directions north, south, east, west

5 Compass Rose Symbol on a map to show/represent cardinal directions
Will point to true north

6 Equator Starting point for measuring lines of latitude Zero degrees 0⁰

7 Hemisphere Half sphere 4 half spheres northern, southern,
eastern, western

8 Intermediate Directions
Directions that fall between the four main directions northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest

9 Key Uses symbols to represent different features on a map

10 Latitude Parallel lines on a map (imaginary) Run west to east
Measure distance north to south

11 Longitude Imaginary lines that run north to south
Measure distance east to west NOT parallel

12 Prime Meridian Starting point for measuring lines of longitude
Zero degrees

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