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The Legend Of Who Once Was Almost Smart Illustrated By: Leslie Alvarez.

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1 The Legend Of Who Once Was Almost Smart Illustrated By: Leslie Alvarez

2 Introduction There was one day when a girl named Brittney, that she would have super powers. But, she never new she had super powers. So, one day when she woke up she began to feel something unusual that she never felt before. Brittney thought she was getting sick. Then after a few minutes her hands began to shake. She was getting really worried about her hand. Afterwards, Brittney began to scream and pull her hair out so her parents went rushing to her room. example of a hyperbole

3 They said “Why were you screaming like that and why are your hands shaking like if you were a dogs tale”. She said I don’t know.” “Can you please take me to the hospital?”Replied Brittney. examples of simile dialogue

4 Her parents said “lets go, come on”. They got into the car and her father drove really quickly. Then, they arrived to the hospital. Brittney and her parents entered and they said, “Somebody please help my daughter.” example of dialogue

5 The father said “Tell us doctor please tell us.” He said. Your daughter has super powers like a super hero. Brittney’s parents could not believe it. They were so excited. So, after the doctor told her parents he went to tell her. When the doctor told Brittney that she had super powers she could not believe it either. She started to jump and scream like a monkey with excitement. She said “This is most amazing thing that has happened to me in my entire life. example of a simile

6 Finally, when they went back home she asked her parents, “Mom, dad when I go back to school would I still be a normal person, “ and will I get A’s on tests?” Her parents said,“ Yes you will be a normal person.” When she went back to school it was time to take the test. example of dialogue

7 The teacher handed her the test. She quickly put her name then she looked quickly over the test before starting. She new all the answers to the questions. Brittney finished even before the teacher could take a seat after handing the rest of the test. Brittney raised her hand and said “ I’m finished.” example of a hyperbole

8 But, the teacher was surprised. When she was handing her test Brittney accidentally hit her hand really hard. She said “ Ouch that heart.” So, she had to go to the nurse. The nurse called her mom to come pick up Brittney. Brittney’s mom took her to the hospital. So, her mom arrived. Let’s go to the hospital to see if your hand is broken. So, they arrived to the hospital and the same doctor attended them. They brought her to take the x- razes. They did the x –razes on her. They said, “Oh,no her super powers are gone. So, they went to tell her parents. example of a onomatopoeia

9 They were really sad. After telling her parents the doctor went to tell Brittney. When the doctor told her she began to cry. Because for once she thought she would be somebody. So, then she said, “Now I am just going to wake up dumb and not pass any tests. Now I am just a nobody. Then they went home and she lived her life with no super powers. example of personification

10 About the author The author Leslie Alvarez is 12 years old. She was born on March 18, 1999. She lives with her dad and sister. she has three animals that are important to her. She wrote this book for 5 th graders. So, they can see that some dreams can come true but, they can always go away when you do something or something happens to you. When a person reads my book I hope they can communicate with there life and from the book. She is in the 6 th grade. She lives in Georgia. She goes to Griffin Middle School.

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