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NAAQS UPDATE SIP Steering Committee January 13, 2011.

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1 NAAQS UPDATE SIP Steering Committee January 13, 2011

2 Ozone 3/2008 - EPA issued primary standard of 0.075 ppm and a secondary standard identical to primary 3/2009 – States submitted designation recommendations (MA - nonattainment) EPA has not taken action to finalize designations

3 Ozone Litigation May 2008 - states, environmental and industry groups filed petitions for review of the 2008 primary and secondary standards March 2009- New administration asked for stay of litigation so EPA could determine whether standards should be reconsidered Court directed EPA to notify it by September 16, 2009 of the action it would take and the schedule for action September 16, 2009 – EPA Administrator announced will reconsider the 2008 standards

4 Ozone Reconsideration EPA’s reconsideration is based on concerns that the 2008 NAAQS revisions is not protective enough During 2008 review, Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) unanimously recommended a primary standard in the range of 0.060 ppm to 0.070 ppm and a distinct secondary standard to protect vegetation CASAC reiterated its recommendation following issuance of the.075 primary standard and a secondary standard identical to the primary standard

5 Ozone Reconsideration January 2010 - EPA issued a proposed revision to the NAAQS stating that a final rule would be issued by August 31, 2010 Proposed a primary range as CASAC recommended – between 0.060 – 0.070 ppm - and a separate secondary standard Final rule now delayed to July 2011

6 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO 2 ) January 2010 - EPA revised the existing annual NO 2 standard of 53 parts per billion (ppb) adopted in 1971. Added a new hourly NO 2 standard of 100 ppb States must submit recommendations for designation under the new 1-hour standard by January 22, 2011

7 MA NO 2 Recommendation Existing Massachusetts NO 2 monitors (11) show concentrations well below the new 1- hour 100 ppb standard EPA is requiring that states place new monitors near major roads to measure peak, short-term concentrations. MassDEP will have to install 4-5 new NO 2 monitors

8 MA NO 2 Recommendation Because existing monitors do not meet the near-roadway criterion, cannot support a recommendation of "attainment" MA recommendation will be “unclassifiable” (if approved by Governor) January 2012 - EPA intends to designate most areas as "unclassifiable"

9 Final/Revised NO 2 Designations States have until January 1, 2013, to have the new near-road monitors operational EPA plans to issue revised designations after 2015 based on 3-years of data from the new monitors

10 Lead NAAQS October 2008 - EPA strengthened the lead NAAQS October 2009 – MA recommended designations of attainment for Suffolk County and “unclassifiable” for remainder of the state MA Recommendation based on data from one monitor in Boston. No lead monitoring elsewhere in MA for nearly two decades

11 Lead Monitoring 2008 NAAQS - required that by 1/2011 states operate 1 monitor at each source that emits 1 or more tons per year (tpy) and 1 monitor in each urban area with a population equal to or greater than 500,000 December 2010 – EPA changed the emissions monitoring threshold to 0.5 tpy for industrial sources (none in MA) EPA maintained 1.0 tpy threshold for airports, but is requiring a 1-year monitoring study at 15 additional airports to evaluate lead emissions at airports emitting more than 0.5 tpy, but less than 1 tpy Nantucket Memorial Airport listed as study site

12 Lead Monitoring EPA also changed non-source-oriented monitoring by only requiring lead monitoring at NCore sites in CBSAs with a popultion of 500,000 people or more. January 2011 – MassDEP measuring lead using low-volume PM 10 samples from the monitors at Boston NCore site and in Springfield Discussing with EPA plan for study monitoring at Nantucket airport

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