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DEP’s Air Regulatory Update

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1 DEP’s Air Regulatory Update
Trina Vielhauer, Chief, Bureau of Air Regulation, Division of Air Resource Management July 29, 2010

2 EPA has OAQPS OAQPS Organization
Office of the Director Central Operations and Resources (CORE) Policy Analysis and Communications Staff (PACS) Washington Operations Staff (WOS) Air Quality Assessment Division Air Quality Policy Division Health and Environmental Impacts Division Outreach and Information Division Sector Policies and Programs Approximately 387 people

3 Florida has Larry!

4 Issues New NAAQS and Permitting Revisions to Chapter 62-210, F.A.C.
Ozone, NO2, SO2 Revisions to Chapter , F.A.C. Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials CAIR Replacement Rule Other Tidbits

5 Ozone Final standard to be announced by August 31
Expected level to be from to ppm Florida WILL have nonattainment areas – see following slide Nonattainment areas will be categorized according to severity (marginal, moderate, serious, etc.) – details to be published as implementation guidance also by August 31.

6 Areas in red indicate the CBSAs above various ozone standards (between ppb proposed, currently 75 ppb) based on data.

7 Ozone Nonattainment Requirements
Nonattainment New Source Review Must offset emissions increases of NOx and VOC. Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER). Net air quality improvement demonstration. Transportation Conformity Transportation plans must show that emissions of NOx and VOC do not exceed SIP emissions budgets.

8 NO2 NAAQS On January 22, 2010 EPA Added a 1-hour NO2 standard at 100 parts per billion (ppb); and Retained the annual average NO2 standard at a level of 53 ppb Current monitoring data show attainment of both 1-hour and annual standards. No rule addressing details for PSD permit applications. EPA guidance finalized Jun 29, 2010 recommends Significant Impact Level of 4 ppb (4% of the standard) Working with applicants to propose and substantiate a SIL on each project. EPA expects to designate by January 2012

9 SO2 NAAQS On June 2, 2010, EPA revised the primary SO2 standard : 75 ppb – 1 hour standard. Effective August 23, 2010. Current data shows nonattainment in Escambia, Hillsborough, and Nassau counties. Initial designations will be based on data. (by June 2012) Additional nonattainment areas could be determined through air quality modeling. SIPS for nonattainment due 2014 outlining actions to comply no later than august 201

10 Rule 62-210, F.A.C. Updates Removing TV General Permits
Flexibility to allow GPs at a TV facility for temporary activities Air Pollution Control Equipment Engines!!

11 Engine Flowchart

12 Engine Flow Chart (cont.)

13 Engine Flow Chart (cont.)

14 Engine Flow Chart (cont.)

15 Engine Flow Chart (end!!)

16 Non Hazardous Secondary Materials
Characterizing which secondary materials are: fuel, ingredient or solid waste Coal fly ash is presumed to be an ingredient for cement but EPA is taking comment (ends August 3) If is fuel, must also be “sufficiently processed” & legitimacy criterion If is solid waste, sources become subject to CISWI/129 standards instead of MACT

17 Interstate Transport Rule (CAIR replacement)
Bases state allocations on contributions to non-attainment Eliminates fuel adjustment factors Does not tie-in with Acid Rain allowances A state’s emissions budget is the quantity of emissions that would remain after elimination of the part of significant contribution and interference with maintenance that EPA has identified in an average year (i.e., before accounting for variability

18 Interstate Transport Rule
Taking comment on whether Florida should be group 2 or moved to group 1 for SO2 Proposing budgets include a variability factor such that there are 1 and 3 year variability limits above budget

19 CAIR v. Interstate Transport Budgets
Florida SO2 253,450 (2010) 177,415 161,174 Florida NOx 99,445 82,871 120,001 Florida ozone 47,912 39,926 56,939 NOx CSP 8,335

20 Florida’s downwind contributions
Non-attainment or Maintenance pollutant CAIR Interstate Transport Annual PM 2.5 Bibb, GA; Clarke, GA; Clayton, GA; Cobb, GA; Dekalb, GA; Jefferson, AL; Russell, AL. Jefferson, AL; Bibb, GA; Clayton GA 8-hour ozone Fulton, GA Harris, TX; Tarrant, TX; Dekalb, GA; Fulton, GA

21 Other Tidbits New EPA GHG reporting tab links:
(Main page) (e-GGRT page)

22 Other Tidbits (cont.) PSD and TV Tailoring Rule
DEP will have to undergo rulemaking to implement EPA’s rule changes

23 Questions? Trina Vielhauer 850/

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