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New Opportunities for Lowe’s Partnership opportunities.

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1 New Opportunities for Lowe’s Partnership opportunities

2 Next-generation circulars

3 Chase’s partnership approach is unique  Far-reaching, multi-faceted relationships with global brands  Market leaders in industries such as Travel, Entertainment and e-tailing  Sophisticated data-sharing and cooperative marketing driven by powerful reward and segmentation strategies

4 Building on a strong existing JPMC relationship Note: All data as of 1Q 2102 unless otherwise noted Retail Financial Services 5,541 branches, 17,200 ATM’s in 23 states $381BN in total deposits, 27MM checking accounts #2 ATM network, #3 bank by deposits, #2 mortgage originations Asset & Wealth Management Over $1.9 (FY 2011) trillion assets under supervision #1 Ultra High Net Worth Bank Treasury & Securities Services Relationships with 84% of the Fortune 500 companies #1 global clearer of $US Strategic relationship with Lowe’s Investment Banking #1 in Global Investment Banking Fees Strategic relationship with Lowe’s Commercial Banking #1 multifamily lender #2 large middle market syndicated lender in the U.S. Chase Card Services $344BN (FY 2011) in credit card sales volume #1 Visa Issuer, #2 MasterCard Issuer #3 Merchant Acquirer Paymentech relationship with Lowe’s Ultimate Rewards gift card partnership

5 Marketing reach and access

6 Relationships with attractive customer segments Credit and debit accounts Total = ~120MM Credit and debit sales Total = ~$450BN Middle America Affluent/SMB High Net Worth We offer a full range of credit and banking products to service each customer segment

7 We have access to scale, unique channels #1 visited banking website >17,200 ATM’s in 23 states >5,500 branches in 23 states Branch Transactions ATMOnline StatementsMobile

8 Chase is your best offer partner Access to detailed customer information Access to debit and credit transaction data Ability to offer various offer types Access to unique channels

9 We have delivered powerful marketing results 10X lift in gift card purchases40%+ lift in quarterly sales

10 Partnership construct

11 Programs supported by flexible offer platform Flexible offer delivery platform Intelligent targeting engine Offers  Can support multiple offer types  Platform provides easy to use targeting tools  Delivers robust campaign performance reporting Various consumer channels

12 Cross-sell/up-sell programs Sample campaign  Identified customers that were visiting Home Depot right after leaving Lowe’s  Push a mobile alert through their Chase mobile app as they leave Lowe’s (after completing a purchase) with an offer to get a 25% discount on next purchase Current challenges  Hard to message customer at relevant time/place  Inability to see where else a customer is shopping before/after visit How Chase can help  Leverage specific customer spending patterns to identify opportunities  Leverage installed mobile and online customer engagement to deliver targeted messages at the right-time Benefit to you  Increase basket size, margin of basket  Identify additional merchandising opportunities

13 Disengaging customer/loyalty programs  Hard to identify customers who are disengaging before they fully attrite  Lack of visibility into detailed competitive data  Leverage detailed transaction data including competitive data to identify key attrition triggers  Ability to customize messaging based on level of loyalty  Reduce customer sales attrition  Increase visits/customer Sample campaign  Identify customers who have moved from “loyalists” to “split-loyalists” over the past 3 months  Show a deep discount offer (50% off) for their next purchase next to their Lowe’s transaction on with special messaging to reinforce their value as a customer Current challenges How Chase can help Benefit to you

14 Leveraging our data can also deliver key insights Example opportunity area  Macro customer footprint analysis (How are you performing vs. key competitors)  Can cut data by day of week, store location/geography, customer segments, etc.  Help identify stores/locations where opportunity exist to improve sales/effectiveness

15 Summary/next steps

16  Size and scale of the Chase franchise  # 1 Visa/MasterCard issuer by spend on general purpose credit cards  Largest financial partner on spend $ volume across credit and debit and customer reach  Reach into all key customer segments, from mass to high net-worth  Retail banking assets provide vast access into most major markets in the U.S.  Marketing and analytics capabilities  Analytics-driven targeting with demonstrated success in driving incremental value to merchants through offers and promotions  Comprehensive multi-channel marketing programs to drive traffic and volume to merchants  Marketing platform that provides unmatched flexibility to execute targeted marketing campaigns  Unique approach to win-win partnerships  Broad set of successful partnerships, experience delivering meaningful value to merchants The value of a partnership with Chase

17 Chase to deliver detailed partnership proposal by X date Schedule follow-up meeting to review proposal, including expanded marketing team and agency Identify additional areas of focus for our analytics team ahead of next meeting Next steps

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