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2 Who am I? From Seattle, WA Junior at Oregon State University Major: Human Development and Family Sciences Minors: Business and Sociology Graduate Program: Student Affairs/Higher Education

3 Exploring Grad Programs

4 Where to apply? Location  West Coast, East Coast, Mid West, South  City, Rural, Suburban Institution Type  Public or Private Institution Size  Small, Medium, Large Degree Options  MA, MS, MED, PhD, etc. Options to Defray Costs  Assistantships, fellowships, financial aid, scholarship, research funding, etc. Assessment Test Requirements Program Requirements  Assistantships, exams, practicum, research competency, thesis/dissertation, internship

5 Preparing

6 Timeline Second last year and summer before your final year  Start researching programs  Determine test requirements, application deadlines, test dates, etc.  Begin drafting personal statement August  Register for admission tests (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.)  Being working on applications if available September  Finalize your list of prospective schools  Meet with faculty members about recommendation letters  Continue working on applications

7 Timeline Continued October and November  Request official transcripts  Take GRE Subject tests if needed  Complete and send all applications December  Verify that all application documents and letters of recommendations have arrived January – March  Relax and be patient. The hard part’s over! April  Celebrate your acceptances!

8 Applying

9 Typical Application Components Online Application Personal Statement Transcripts Letters of Recommendation (usually from faculty members) Admissions Test Results (GRE, GMAT, etc.)

10 Do Don’t Start EARLY Pay attention to deadlines Track your application progress Use a professional or school email address Apply to every school Submit incomplete or inaccurate information Application Do’s and Don’ts

11 Do Don’t Write clearly and concisely (use CORRECT spelling and grammar) Be specific. Show, don’t tell Form conclusions Speak in first person (I...) Have multiple people read your statement before you submit it Use the “what I did with my life” approach Use the “I’ve always wanted to be a ____” approach Summarize your resume/CV Personal Statement Do’s and Don’ts

12 Kyla’s Application Advice Start early Use professional email Clean up Facebook, Twitter, etc. GREAT personal statement Fill out EVERYTHING DIVERSITY Don’t stress

13 Attending

14 What is grad school really like? Less like going to college – more like a full time job Not as academically focused Challenging, but rewarding Get an “American college experience” University of Washington Seattle, WA New York University (NYU) New York City, NY University of Colorado Bolder, CO

15 Questions?? University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Los Angeles, CA Boston College Boston, MA University of Texas Austin, TX

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