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Preparing & Writing PhD Applications

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1 Preparing & Writing PhD Applications
CGU Writing Center

2 Why the PhD? What are your goals? What makes you happy?
Is this right for you?

Research Schools Research Rankings Research Programs Research Contacts Research Awards/Scholarships/Fellowships Create a Preliminary List September Contact Recommenders Contact Grad Advisors Complete Draft 1 Complete Entry Exams (GRE, TOEFL, etc.) October Finalize List Begin Online Applications Complete Draft 2 Set up Interfolio Account November Input Recommendations Request Transcripts Retake Entry Exams (if needed) Complete Draft 3 December/January Submit Applications Confirm Receipt January-March/April Waiting Game TIMELINE FOLLOW THE PHD PREPARATION PATH

4 Preparation Research, Research, Research

5 1. Do Your Research Rankings Programs Faculty Events Courses
Extra-curricular activities Quality of Life Location

6 Admission Requirements: Example
►School: Claremont Graduate University ► Required admission materials vary by department. - Application (online or paper) - Statement of Purpose - Resume / Curriculum Vitae - Official transcripts - 3 Letters of Recommendation - GRE; TOEFL / IELTS or CBEST/CSET - Application fee ►Program: SBOS

7 2a. Organize Your Findings
School Due Date Document Requirements Testing Requirements School Website Username Password Physical Mailing Address Graduate Advisor Faculty Mentors

8 2b. Organize Your Findings

9 Choosing Your Recommenders
How familiar are they with your work? With you? Are they invested in you as a student? Will they write you a strong letter? Are they well-connected? Can they open doors for you?

10 Writing the Application
It’s all about FIT

11 Statement of Purpose: Always Required

12 Statement of Purpose Things to Consider: Field of Study
Page Limitation Aesthetic Value Academese Honesty WHAT do you want to do? WHY do you want to do it? WHY are you a good FIT? Field of Study Dissertation Ideas Faculty Programs, Seminars, or Centers Experiences Goals Responsibilities as a graduate student Expertise Experiences that scaffold why you’re pursuing this field

13 Words of Advice “Remember your statement of purpose should portray you as (1) passionately interested in the field; (2) intelligent; (3) well-prepared academically and personally; (4) able to take on the challenges of grad school; (5) able to have rapport with professors and fellow grad students — in other words, collegial; (6) able to finish the graduate degree in a timely fashion; and (7) a potentially outstanding representative of that grad school in your future career.” –University of Northern Iowa

14 Ideal Organization Adopted from V.Gotera (UNI)
(1) passionate hook; (2) segué to your background in the field; (3) specific classes by title and professors you have had (especially if well-known in the field); (4) related extracurricular activities (especially if they hint at some personal quality you want to convey); (5) any publications or other professional accomplishments in the field (perhaps conference presentations or public readings); (6) explanations about problems in your background (if needed); (7) why you have chosen this grad school (name one or two professors and what you know of their specific areas or some feature of the program which specifically attracts you).

15 Personal Statement: Often Required

16 Let’s Get Personal WHO are you? HOW have you become this person?
HOW have your experiences molded this identity? HOW does this identity FIT with the school? HOW does this identity contribute to the school? Concise Explanatory Not saccharine sweet

17 Writing Sample: Always Required

18 Writing Sample Do’s: Don’ts Field & Subject Specific
Know Your Audience Have Several Versions (10pg, 15pg, 20pg) Conform to Style/Field Restrictions Edit, Review, & Share Citations & References Don’ts Be Controversial Be Arrogant/Facetious Be Off-topic Make Assumptions Send more than requested

19 CV: Always Required

20 Relevant Work Experience Publications Presentations Languages
Education Awards/Honors Research Experience Relevant Work Experience Publications Presentations Languages Research Interests CV Most professional CV’s include the following:

21 Additional Essay Prompts: Be Prepared

22 Final Checklist Don’t stress out Be organized
Be prompt with submissions Be respectful of recommender, graduate advisors, and faculty members Be reflective Use all available sources Start now

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