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Going on to Grad School to… Continue Your Education??

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1 Going on to Grad School to… Continue Your Education??

2 Do You Know What Program? If you know the field you are going into and if an advanced degree is required for entry then grad school makes perfect sense For most college grads it is not as clear cut. If you are not sure of your career goals this can present a problem at a graduate level

3 How to Clarify My Decision To Go To Graduate School? Related work experience in your field. You will learn what it takes to be successful. Practical experience can be applied to the theoretical concepts in the graduate program you are thinking about and help you understand if this program is for you. Work experience will enhance your application credentials. It will make you a more viable, competitive candidate.

4 Choosing the RIGHT Program for YOU Academic Vs. Professional  Academic focus on original research  Professional focus on practical applications Masters Vs. Doctorates  Masters= take 1-3 years to earn  Doctorates= can take up to 8 years! For many fields the Masters Degree may be sufficient but for others the doctorate is necessary  (Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor…etc)

5 How to Find the Right School Look at Directories for Grad Schools  Briefly outline the field of study, academic programs, financial aid, costs of study…etc If possible visit the schools and meet with faculty or other grad students Evaluate each program of interest  Consider the quality of the faculty  Prestige of the school  Cost and housing  Job Opportunities…etc.

6 Requirements for Grad School Graduate Assessment Test (plan to take 1 year ahead of time) Examples:  GRE (Graduate Record Exams)  LSATS (Law School Admissions Test)  GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test)  MCAT (Medical College Administrations Test)

7 Other General Requirements Official Transcripts 2-3 Letters of Recommendation  Give your recommenders the correct forms with stamped and addressed envelops  Provide support info. So they know what your applying for Application Essay  About your accomplishments & Interests to the study  Use enthusiasm, creativity and uniqueness  Get it critiqued before turning in with application

8 Consider Financial Aid Complete financial aid applications EARLY Other outside sources  Often very early deadlines  Necessary to take graduate admission tests and to obtain letters of recommendation the year prior FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid (available online) Some schools also want you to complete the College Scholarship Service Financial Aid Profile

9 Need-Based Vs. Merit-Based Financial Aid Need-based aid  Work Study programs  Private, Federal and State loans  Tuition Remission programs Merit-based aid  is awarded primarily on academic accomplishment  Talent  Career intentions

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