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Welcome to Our Class! The ABC's of Kindergarten Miss Maddon D18 215-529-2487.

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1 Welcome to Our Class! The ABC's of Kindergarten Miss Maddon D18 215-529-2487

2 Undergraduate degree in Elem. Ed. and Special Ed. from Kutztown University Masters degree from King’s College in Education with a Reading Specialist Cert. This is my 5 th year teaching. My 3 rd year teaching in Quakertown. Early Intervention –Pre-K K-2 Autistic Support K-2 Learning Support Kindergarten!

3 ttendance is very important! If your child misses school, please remember to write a note or call the office @ 215-529-2450 to let us know he/she will be absent. Most of our Kindergarten experiences are group oriented and involve interaction with classmates and hands-on materials. Therefore, it is next to impossible to make up work at home! ABSENTEE SLIPS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 3 DAYS OR YOUR CHILD WILL BE MARKED AS UNEXCUSED! is for backpacks & book orders. Please send your child with his/her backpack each day and check them after school each day! Book Club orders will be coming home each month. We receive free books for our classroom library with bonus points that we earn from each book order.

4 is for communication and conferences. Throughout the year I will communicate with you through notes, email, telephone calls, newsletters, progress reports, and parent teacher conferences. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. Feel free to send me an email, call me at school, or send a note to school in your child’s folder. Friday Flyer via e-mail Richland Review – monthly school newsletter, Wednesday Folders – important school, and TPO news. Return each Thurs. is for our Daily schedule. Opening Exercises Reading: Shared, guided, & independent Word Work Kid Writing Center Time/Target Time (remediation and enrichment) Everyday Math Read aloud

5 is a reminder that in an emergency, it is important that we have current contact telephone numbers. Please inform us if address, home, work, or cell phone numbers change throughout the school year. is for field trips and fire drills! We usually take one field trips per year. Information for those trips will be sent home closer to time for the trip! To be a chaperone on our field trip in the spring, you will also need to obtain Act 34 (State Criminal Record) and Act 151 (Child Abuse) clearances. These take some time to process, so please consider starting now! Follow this link for full instructions: asp is for guided reading. Guided reading is when children work in small flexible reading groups. These groups meet with the teacher for the purpose of learning to read books on their reading level. Each child will be assessed and work at their own level during this time. The groups are flexible in that children may move up or stay in the group according to their reading progress. Fire drills are once a month.

6 is for homework Packets! Monthly, homework assignments will be sent home. I encourage you to work with your child a few minutes each night to review & reinforce the skills we are working on in school. And don’t forget to READ at least 20 minutes per night with your child! Be NVOLVED in your child's learning ! is for joining our school functions! Throughout the school year there will be a variety of special classroom activities, celebrations, and TPO meetings. We also have a Fall Festival and several fundraisers to help support our school. I encourage you to attend all functions and become involved!

7 is for Kid writing. Kid Writing is a phonics based approach that introduces children to the world of writing. Your child will be engaged in a variety of writing activities each day and will also have the opportunity to write about topics they choose in their writing journal. Please sign up if you would like to help with kid writing (we can use all the help we can get). Also, we will hold a kid writing workshop on October 2 nd from 4:15-4:45, that I encourage you to attend if you want to volunteer. But, if you can’t attend, DON’T WORRY! I have all the info for you is for library books! We will be visiting our library cycle day 3. Please return books by our next visit.

8 is for math goals and money! On many occasions it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school. Always send it in a sealed envelope with the following information on it: name, amount, purpose, and teacher’s name. Kindergarten math goal- orally counts to 115. is for Nurse! We have a full time nurse at our school! If your student requires medication to be taken at school please make sure that you fill out the necessary forms in the office. Our nurse handles all medication. Also, if there are any allergies that we need to be aware of please let us know. is for office check-ins and check-outs! Please make sure to go to our office when you need to check-in or check-out your student.

9 is for PARTY! The room moms will usually organize these events and coordinate volunteers and donations. All are welcome to participate in the festivities! Birthdays are also special occasions for young children. Although we are not permitted to have a "party" for each individual child, parents are welcome to provide a simple special dessert for snack. Birthday celebrations will take place during snack time. All treats for parties, snack, holiday, etc. must be store bought, or individually wrapped. No whole cakes or other desserts. is for questions! Please let us know if you have any questions! I are here to make this the best experience possible!

10 is for READING!!! The Kindergarten reading goal is 50 books by June. Write titles of books on log that are read to your child or by your child. (Monthly with homework) Reading Benchmarks: September – EE and EM (Pre –A) January – Level A June – Level B is for snacks! I ask that each child bring in a snack each day. This should be a healthy snack that is quickly eaten, such as a box of crackers, fruit roll-ups, granola or cereal bars, Goldfish crackers, etc. Students do not need a snack on Friday’s as our Star of the Week will provide one for everyone. is for tying shoes! Unfortunately, this is very necessary skill that is no longer taught in school. Please work on this with your child at home. Once they become proficient at tying shoes, they will become one of my "Tying Teachers" and assist in teaching other students with learning to tie shoes. They also will become part of Pete’s shoe tying club!

11 Each child is UNIQUE and special. They enter my classroom with different skills, personalities, experiences, backgrounds and learning styles. It is my aspiration to foster their individual strengths and help each child develop to his/her fullest potential; academically and socially. My goal is to teach them to fall in love with learning ! is for volunteers and visitors! We love having volunteers in our school! Please fill out the volunteer forms and let me know if you are able to come help us! All volunteers and visitors must check in at the office to receive a visitor’s pass. District policy requires that classroom volunteers sign a Liability and Indemnity contract form. is for wearing practical clothes! We try our best to keep clothing clean throughout the day but sometimes it is impossible! Please send your child to school with that in mind!

12 is for boX tops! Save Box Tops for Education – help our class win! is for YOU! Always remember you are a teacher too! There is no one who is more influential in your child’s life than you! is for ZzZzZz...please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest each night. Setting and keeping a bedtime helps children to be alert and ready to learn each day!

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