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LOGO Business Intelligence System Mr. Natapong Wongprommoon Solution Architect G-ABLE Company Limited

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1 LOGO Business Intelligence System Mr. Natapong Wongprommoon Solution Architect G-ABLE Company Limited E-mail :

2 Agenda  BI Solution Overview  BI Product System & Feature  Demo – Business Intelligence G-ABLE Company Limited -1

3 System Complexity Creates Chaos MULTIPLE ROLES DIFFERENT METRICS DISPARATE BI TOOLS & REPORTING SYSTEMS FRAGMENTED DATA SOURCES Executive Marketing Finance Human Resources Customer Service COMPANY HEALTH BRAND EBITDA HIRING QUALITY SERVICE LEVELS FINANCE OPERATIONS PLANNING Multiple Point Applications Multiple ERP Multiple Supply Chain Multiple Legacy Applications Multiple Data Warehouses G-ABLE Company Limited -2

4 Transformation of Data Data Information Transaction Processing Relational warehouse Investigation/Exploration/Analysis People who need it Where they need it When they need it In the form they want Cleansing / analysis SQL reporting G-ABLE Company Limited -3

5 BI Solution Overview Metadata Ad-hoc Report Analysis Enterprise Data Warehouse ETL Data Source Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Oracle SQL Server Access External Data G-ABLE Company Limited -4

6 BI Product System & Feature Oracle BI Server Proactive Detection and Alerts Disconnected Analytics Ad-hoc Analysis MS Office Plug-in Reporting & Publishing Interactive Dashboards OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, Custom Apps Files Excel XML Business Process Multidimensional Calculation and Integration Engine Intelligent Caching Services Simplified Business Model and Abstraction Layer Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition G-ABLE Company Limited -5

7 Oracle BI Server Presentation Business Model Business Model and Mapping Physical G-ABLE Company Limited -6

8 Oracle BI Dashboard Interactive Dashboards G-ABLE Company Limited -7

9 Oracle BI Publisher Employee Forms Order Forms Invoices Operational Reports Correspondence Financial Statements Checks Purchase Orders Labels / Bar Codes Collateral Government Forms Reporting & Publishing G-ABLE Company Limited -8

10 Oracle BI Ad-hoc Analysis Ad-hoc Analysis  Full ad hoc analysis, pivot tables, and report creation  Drag and drop report and dashboard authoring  Users shielded from complexity and structure of underlying data structures Ensures highest ease of use Lowering the workload on IT support  Easily save reports back into Intelligence Dashboards G-ABLE Company Limited -9

11 Oracle BI Deliver Oracle Delivers G-ABLE Company Limited -10

12 Oracle BI Disconnect Disconnected Analytics  Full analytical functionality for the mobile user  Enables Intelligence Dashboard and Answers functionality even when offline Interactive dashboards, ad hoc analysis, pivot tables  Same interface for users whether connected or disconnected  Minimal data set size Full and incremental synchronization of data with enterprise data sources Data compressed during synchronization  Data personalized for each user, maintaining all role-based security and visibility G-ABLE Company Limited -11

13 MS Office Plug-in Microsoft Office and Reporting Services  Office Plug-in, integration to MS Office  create report/graph for management presentation  next time click refrest, data will be changed without  format G-ABLE Company Limited -12

14 G-ABLE Company Limited Demo

15 Overview of PCS Computing  PCS Computing is a manufacturer of computer and related equipments  PCS Computing carries 7 separated product lines Product 1. Notebook Computers 2. Handheld Computing Devices 3. Monitors 4. Printers 5. WP, Spreadsheet, Presentation 6. Power Supplier, Batteries 7. Keyboards G-ABLE Company Limited -13

16 PCS Business Situation  PCS maintains a calendar year and perform quarterly variance analysis comparing Actual Revenue and Expected Revenue Sales department needs to know clause of revenue drop Sales department needs to determine which product categories need immediate attention to increase revenue G-ABLE Company Limited -14

17 Sales Human Resource Overall Supply Chain Customer Contract G-ABLE Company Limited -15

18 G-ABLE Company Limited Sales Department

19 RevenueDrop Send information to Supply Chain Check Order & Invoice Check Operation Backlog G-ABLE Company Limited -16

20 G-ABLE Company Limited Supply Chain Department

21 Receive information from Sales Send information to Customer Contract Check Inventory Turns Check Bill of Material & Vendors Performance G-ABLE Company Limited -17

22 G-ABLE Company Limited Customer Contract Center Department

23 Customer Contract Department Check Team Performance Receive information from Supply Chain CheckChannel Send information to HR G-ABLE Company Limited -18

24 G-ABLE Company Limited HR Department

25 Receive information from Customer Contract Send information to Sales Check Employee Turnover Risk G-ABLE Company Limited -19

26 G-ABLE Company Limited Sales Department (again)

27 Receive information from HR Check Customer A/R Check Sales channel RevenueIncrease G-ABLE Company Limited -20

28 Operational Results Agent Satisfaction  Product : Envoy Standard Laptops with Wireless LAN Card  Vendor : Dell Inc.  Team : PCS Group C  Customer : Business World G-ABLE Company Limited -21

29 G-ABLE Company Limited A Q &

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