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Jaros Jaros Overview. Jaros Overview - History Founded 1999 as consulting company GE Medical Systems IT Sigma Aldrich Smurfit-Stone Container Transitioned.

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1 Jaros Jaros Overview

2 Jaros Overview - History Founded 1999 as consulting company GE Medical Systems IT Sigma Aldrich Smurfit-Stone Container Transitioned to Software Company in 2001 focus on Oracle E-Business Suite Jaros Analytics General Availability in early 2004 Signed 1 st Customer in 2004 Venture Funding Reputation and Growth : 2004 through present

3 Jaros Design Goals Integration of many data sources Operational ease of use  Easy to restart  Easy to administer  Synchronized Data Loading  Flexible scheduling Performance  ODS : Get data in as fast as possible  Data Marts : Query Performance and Ease of Use  Incremental loading Front-end agnostic (Any Reporting Tool) – Pre-Built Reporting  Near Real Time access to data  Operational Reporting and Dashboards (ODS)  Strategic Reporting and Dashboards (Data Marts) Meta Data Driven Fully Defined Solution  Help system  Generation of reporting meta data layers  Extensible to customers expectations  Report Integration

4 Oracle E-Business Suite Support General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Order Management Shipments Inventory Purchasing Working Capital Project Accounting Projects Commissions Advanced Pricing Human Resources Payroll Benefits Services and Contracts Discrete and Flow Manufacturing BOM, Routings, WIP, Costing WMS Process Manufacturing Quality iProcurement Fixed Assets

5 Jaros Architecture Operational Data Store Integrated Data Marts Jaros Active Meta Data Repository ? Reporting Layer Financials Order Mgmt InventoryPurchasing Discrete MFG Process MFG Service HR Payroll Benefits Near Real TimeStrategic PowerCenterPowerCenter Simple per Module Pricing

6 Oracle Applications MFG Pro Legacy Systems Non-Supported ERP Integration Interface Table Jaros Data Model Supported Platforms Non-Supported Platforms Data Model: Integration Data Integration

7 Reporting / Dashboards / KPI’s / Strategy Drill Path FSG’s Transactions Sub-Ledgers General Ledger KPI Data Model FSG Data Model General Ledger / Sub Ledger Data Model Transactional Data Model Reporting / Dashboards

8 Jaros Architecture : 5 Major Components 1. ETL - Informatica PowerCenter 2. Operational Framework 3. Data Model Operational Data Store Data Marts 4. Active Meta Data Repository 5. Reporting Layers Business Objects Cognos Oracle Pre-Built reports

9 ETL – Informatica PowerCenter Support Informatica 7 and 8

10 ETL – Informatica PowerCenter Extremely Scalable Operational Friendly Powerful Workflow Execution Engine Graphical Programming Robust for Operational and Strategic BI Consistently Rated as Leader in ETL Data Quality Data Integration

11 Operational Data Store Reference Tables Master Tables Detail Tables Reference tables are lookup tables such as country codes, terms codes, etc Master Tables represent customers, products, sales reps, etc. Detail Tables represent order lines, invoice lines, journal entries, AP invoices, etc. Operational Reporting Near Real Time Transaction Tables Dimension Hybrid Star Schema Transaction Tables Dimension Data Model: Operational Data Store

12 Country Codes Order Types Order Lines Reference/Lookup Tables Item Oracle Applications Operational Data Store Customer Detail TablesMaster Tables Operational Data Dimensionalized Near Real Time Extraction Light Transformation Loading AP – 1 hour Rest Nightly OM – 10 minutes Order Headers Operating Unit Sales Rep Lookups Functional Groups Data Model: Operational Data Store

13 Contains Fact tables and Dimension tables. Conformed Type I & II Dimensions. Many ODS detail tables make one fact table. Dimension tables are sourced from Master tables in ODS. Reference tables are used in this schema for lookups such as terms and country codes. Exclusively Star Schema ROLAP or MOLAP Fact Table Dimension Table Dimension Table Dimension Table Strategic Analysis Contains Low Level Detail (user friendly, structured data) Dimension Table Data Model: Data Marts 60+ Dimensions 150+ Fact Tables

14 GL and Sub-ledger Analysis Bookings, Billings, Backlog Customer Profitability Product Margins COA Margins AR Aging Credit Risk Analysis Customer On Time Performance Vendor Ratings Vendor Reject Analysis List Price Analysis AP Cost Analysis Vendor On Time Performance IPV Analysis PPV Analysis Obsolete Inventory Inventory Turns Inventory Value WIP Analysis Item Cost Analysis Sales Analysis Working Capital Fixed Asset Reporting PA – Projects, Tasks, Events, Budgets, Agreements, Expenditures, Fundings PA – AR / AP / PO Drill PA – Revenue Analysis PA – Cost Analysis Quality Reporting Financial Reporting Process Manufacturing Reporting Open AP Aging Discrete Manufacturing Reporting Reporting Categories (Over 180 Reporting Areas): Prebuilt Analytics

15 Jaros Architecture : Reporting Layer Reporting Tool Cognos, Business Objects Reporting Meta Data Layer Jaros Active Meta Data Repository Jaros Help System Consistent Framework for Reporting 150+ Starter Reports today Synchronized

16 Partnerships Teradata Oracle Microsoft Cognos Microstrategy Informatica

17 On the Horizon TCS Relationship Teradata Support - Platform Independence iGate Relationship Hosting Service Oracle E-Business Suite Jaros Analytics Complete Transactional and Reporting Solution

18 Why Jaros? Value to Customer – GE Case Study - Navilyst Medica Case Study Multiple Platform Support Cognos, Business Objects Oracle, Teradata, MS SQL Server Real Time Information Industry Specific Data Models

19 Thank you

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