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Oracle BI Publisher for JD Edwards Greg Smith Oracle Principal Sales Consultant.

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1 Oracle BI Publisher for JD Edwards Greg Smith Oracle Principal Sales Consultant

2 Disclaimer The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 StaticOperational Business Intelligence Continuum for JDE E1 Future Oriented Past Oriented Roadmap subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract. Oracle’s EPM System JDE E1 JDE E1 Standardized Reporting JDE E1 UBE, QBE (Query By Example) Oracle BI Publisher 1 1 JDE E1 Operational Consoles Financial Mgmt & Compliance Console Plant Manager Dashboard 2 2 Oracle Predictive Modeling Tools Hyperion Essbase Real Time Decisions 5 5 Oracle Performance Mgmt Applications Hyperion Planning and Budgeting Hyperion Financial Management more 4 4 StrategicDynamic Oracle BI Applications Financial Analytics Supply Chain & Order Mgmt Analytics Procurement & Spend Analytics more 3 3

4 JDE Reporting Strategy Enable E1 & World customers the tools and mechanisms necessary to Extract, Transform, Publish, Distribute data without requiring dependence on third party applications. At the same time to provide E1 & World (via JDBC adaptor) customers the services and mechanisms necessary to facilitate use of third party applications should they choose to use them. To deliver this capability across the spectrum of reporting needs from batch processing through business intelligence and analytics

5 Oracle BI Publisher – What and Why BI Publisher formerly called XML Publisher BI Publisher is an Oracle Fusion Application Design / maintenance of report layouts is simpler Layout templates are designed in MS Word Users can design & preview the reports themselves using sample data from E1 and World BI Publisher can be called from RDA/UBE, World Writer, Dream Writer, World Export E1 and World’s database could be accessed from BI Publisher JDBC driver for E1 and World

6 Design reports using E1 & World data

7 Web Services Templates XML EDI EFT Email Printer Fax WebDAV e-Commerce OutputDestinations Oracle, SQL Server E1, World, Siebel, Hyperion, etc Java, C++, Pearl, etc BI Publisher Data Source Word Excel Acrobat From Data to Destination XSL Layout Tools PDF RTF HTML Excel JDeveloper Government PDF forms

8 Three “moving parts” Data Template BI Publisher Engine Batch or Interactive Export or JDBC E1 UBE World DW, WW etc BI Publisher Desktop Report EFT XML Web Site Email or Fax Printer Word with Plug-In Acrobat 1. 2. 3.

9 Data from E1 & World Controller CEO Banking XML EFT B2B XML Extract Once – Publish Multiple Times Government EFT Excel HTML PDF BI Publisher Different Templates For different output layouts XSL

10 Multi-Site, Multi-National Companies: Create one report template that can be shared by all Government forms (PDF) can be filled out with World data Static text on the report (headings, etc) can be translated BI Publisher contains a full set of Unicode Fonts No need for language-specific printers BI Publisher supports 185 languages

11 When to use Embedded or Interactive Reports?? EMBEDDED An event in JDE E1 triggers the report. Need to update data in the database. Data manipulation. No user action. INTEACTIVE An event outside of JDE E1 triggers the report. Read only data. Minimal data manipulation. Ad-hoc or on-demand.

12 BI Publisher Template Creation

13 User Generates XML from E1/World Use the Export feature from World Writer, DW Save the output file on your IFS drive of the System I Save the file as.XML 4006 A&B Electric Motor Service Denver CO 5390.00 9870.00 MDW Midwestern

14 A User-Designed Template in MS Word Table

15 A User-Designed Template in MS Word Chart

16 Preview

17 BI Publisher Interactive

18 Defining the report in BI Publisher

19 BI Publisher Enterprise Edition

20 BI Publisher – Interactive Reports





25 BI Publisher Embedded – E1

26 26 OMW Integration - Report Definition Setup

27 27 Available Output types: can be chosen at submission Selected Languages: all those checked will print User Preference Language: prints if available Language Choice is driven by available templates Default Output type: automatic choice Report Definition - Setup

28 28 - A full set will be sent to Max - A full set will be sent to Curtis - An individual section will be sent to each email found This report will burst on address Report Definition - Setup

29 29 Report Definition - Runtime

30 30 BI Publisher High-Fidelity Reporting One Solution for All Document Needs Employee Forms Order Forms Invoices Operational Reports Correspondence Financial Statements Checks Purchase Orders Labels / Bar Codes Collateral Government Forms


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