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Oracle BI Publisher for JD Edwards

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1 Oracle BI Publisher for JD Edwards
Greg Smith Oracle Principal Sales Consultant

2 Disclaimer The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 Business Intelligence Continuum for JDE E1
Oracle Predictive Modeling Tools Hyperion Essbase Real Time Decisions 5 Oracle’s EPM System Oracle Performance Mgmt Applications Hyperion Planning and Budgeting Hyperion Financial Management more 4 Oracle BI Applications Financial Analytics Supply Chain & Order Mgmt Analytics Procurement & Spend Analytics more 3 Strategic Dynamic Past Oriented Future Oriented Operational Static JDE E1 Operational Consoles Financial Mgmt & Compliance Console Plant Manager Dashboard 2 It starts with being able to do operational and standardized reporting within the JDE E1 framework. Over 3000 pre-built JDE E1 reports exist today. With support for Embedded BI Publisher in Tools 8.97 and support for Standalone BI Publisher coming in Tools 8.98, operational and standardized reporting capabilities increase dramatically by providing such things as the ability to not only generate pixel perfect reports but to more easily perform ad-hoc queries. The JDE E1 Operational Consoles are the next step along the JDE E1 BI continuum. Built using JDE E1 Tools and Technology, the Operational Consoles run within the JDE E1 framework and are a great entry point into analytics. Two out of the box consoles are available today, the Financial Mgmt & Compliance Console and the Plant Manager Dashboard. Each consist of a set of pre-defined metrics which enable operational managers and users to gain timely insight into daily business operations in order to identify operational inefficiencies and predict potential business problems. While the Operational Consoles are extensible, if there is not a 70-80% fit with the pre-defined metrics and drill-paths then the next step along the continuum would be to consider Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System which is based on the industry-leading OBI EE Plus platform. Within Oracle’s EPM System, based on the needs along the BI Continuum, there are the Oracle BI Applications, Hyperion’s Performance Management Applications, and finally Oracle Predictive Modeling Tools (tools not applications) for advanced what-if analysis and Predictive Analytics. I’m please to be able to tell you today that in order to enable JDE E1 customers to more easily leverage the Oracle BI applications, we are planning to build an JDE E1 Adapter that will allow JDE E1 to be used as an OLTP data source for the Oracle BI applications. JDE E1 JDE E1 Standardized Reporting JDE E1 UBE, QBE (Query By Example) Oracle BI Publisher 1 Roadmap subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract.

4 JDE Reporting Strategy
Enable E1 & World customers the tools and mechanisms necessary to Extract, Transform, Publish, Distribute data without requiring dependence on third party applications. At the same time to provide E1 & World (via JDBC adaptor) customers the services and mechanisms necessary to facilitate use of third party applications should they choose to use them. To deliver this capability across the spectrum of reporting needs from batch processing through business intelligence and analytics

5 Oracle BI Publisher – What and Why
BI Publisher formerly called XML Publisher BI Publisher is an Oracle Fusion Application Design / maintenance of report layouts is simpler Layout templates are designed in MS Word Users can design & preview the reports themselves using sample data from E1 and World BI Publisher can be called from RDA/UBE, World Writer, Dream Writer, World Export E1 and World’s database could be accessed from BI Publisher JDBC driver for E1 and World

6 Design reports using E1 & World data
Many customers today have very strong business requirements in the reporting area around World. These include: High Fidelity Reports: These reports are rich in images, charts, multiple fonts and color are a very desirable feature for reports when they are to be distributed in and outside the company. Partner Reports These include Invoices, Purchase Orders and Checks, which require ‘rich’ content and are currently highly customized. Financial Statements Financial statements need to be presented to shareholders and upper management in a high fidelity format; your accounts would rather see them in Microsoft Excel. Government Forms Many government agencies now demand that you interact with them in a specific format e.g. tax forms. Marketing Materials The marketing materials generated by companies require rich personalized content. Contracts Interacting with your customers and suppliers often requires written contracts that need to be presented in a high fidelity format. Checks The checks you send to employees and suppliers require a specific format and even ink so that their banks are able to process them. Labels Any company generating product will need to label it often including a barcode. XML B2B interaction requires XML as the format and this may require a transformation of one xml format to another. Of course all of these documents then need to be delivered to a report consumer be that via , fax or printer. Electronic File Transfer (EFT) and (EDI) are formats used to communicate with your banks and partners.

7 E1, World, Siebel, Hyperion, etc
From Data to Destination PDF E1, World, Siebel, Hyperion, etc RTF HTML Printer Oracle, SQL Server Excel BI Publisher Fax XSL XML Java, C++, Pearl, etc Templates EDI WebDAV Data Source BI Publisher can accept data from a host of data providers, it uses XML data so if a source can generate XML then BI Publisher can be integrated into the system. Templates Layout templates are built using familiar desktop applications such as MSWord and Adobe Acrobat. Plugins are provided to help the report designer to build the layout they want in their favored application. Customers are not tied to these applications, BI Publisher has a W3C XSLFO implementation at its heart and there are many visual XSLFO editors available that can generate templates for use with BI Publisher. Outputs BI Publisher is able to generate multiple output formats from a single datasource and template: PDF RTF Excel HTML XML EDI EFT Destinations The generated output can then be delivered to many delivery channels including: Printer FAX WebDAV (FilesOnline) HTTP/S FTP Word Excel Acrobat JDeveloper Government PDF forms EFT e-Commerce Web Services Data Source Layout Tools Output Destinations

8 Three “moving parts” BI Publisher Desktop E1 UBE World DW, WW etc
Word with Plug-In E1 UBE World DW, WW etc Batch or Interactive Export or JDBC Data Template Acrobat 2. 1. 3. BI Publisher Engine Report EFT XML or Fax Printer Web Site

9 Extract Once – Publish Multiple Times
Data from E1 & World EFT Banking EFT Controller Excel BI Publisher CEO HTML PDF Extract Once – Publish Multiple Times BI Publisher has the ability to publish multiple times using the same data source. For instance, a company can generate its payment data in a single data extraction program. From that they can generate: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to communicate to banks to make payments to suppliers Excel – Accountants and controllers are able to get the payment data into Excel for further analysis HTML – Payment data can be published to a company portal via HTML PDF – Government reporting requires the PDF format for communication XML – for B2B communication XML is fast becoming the de-facto standard With the use of different layout templates BI Publisher simplifies the reporting architecture for customers. Government XML B2B XML XSL Different Templates For different output layouts

10 Multi-Site, Multi-National Companies:
Create one report template that can be shared by all Government forms (PDF) can be filled out with World data Static text on the report (headings, etc) can be translated BI Publisher contains a full set of Unicode Fonts No need for language-specific printers BI Publisher supports 185 languages

11 When to use Embedded or Interactive Reports??
An event in JDE E1 triggers the report. Need to update data in the database. Data manipulation. No user action. INTEACTIVE An event outside of JDE E1 triggers the report. Read only data. Minimal data manipulation. Ad-hoc or on-demand.

12 <Insert Picture Here>
BI Publisher Template Creation

13 User Generates XML from E1/World
Use the Export feature from World Writer, DW Save the output file on your IFS drive of the System I Save the file as .XML </WW_DTL> <WW_DTL> <WW_AddressNumber>4006</WW_AddressNumber> <WW_A5AN801>A&B Electric Motor Service</WW_A5AN801> <WW_A5AN806>Denver</WW_A5AN806> <WW_A5AN807>CO</WW_A5AN807> <WW_AmtInvoicedThisYr> </WW_AmtInvoicedThisYr> <WW_AmtInvoicedPriorYr> </WW_AmtInvoicedPriorYr> <WW_ReportCodeAddBook003>MDW</WW_ReportCodeAddBook003> <WW_ABAC0301>Midwestern</WW_ABAC0301>

14 A User-Designed Template in MS Word Table

15 A User-Designed Template in MS Word Chart

16 Preview

17 <Insert Picture Here>
BI Publisher Interactive

18 Defining the report in BI Publisher

19 BI Publisher Enterprise Edition

20 BI Publisher – Interactive Reports

21 BI Publisher – Interactive Reports

22 BI Publisher – Interactive Reports

23 BI Publisher – Interactive Reports

24 BI Publisher – Interactive Reports

25 <Insert Picture Here>
BI Publisher Embedded – E1

26 OMW Integration - Report Definition Setup

27 Report Definition - Setup
Available Output types: can be chosen at submission Default Output type: automatic choice Selected Languages: all those checked will print User Preference Language: prints if available Language Choice is driven by available templates

28 Report Definition - Setup
This report will burst on address - A full set will be sent to Max A full set will be sent to Curtis An individual section will be sent to each found

29 Report Definition - Runtime

30 BI Publisher High-Fidelity Reporting One Solution for All Document Needs
Purchase Orders Labels / Bar Codes Collateral Employee Forms Government Forms Order Forms Invoices Operational Reports Correspondence Oracle BI Publisher, which was previously named XML Publisher, is Oracle’s next generation reporting tool. It comes with BI EE, or is sold separately. Organizations today often have multiple reporting tools, and BI Publisher was designed to address the full spectrum of reporting and document publishing needs that customers have, thus enabling organizations to adopt a single solution for all of business documents, including… This enables customers to reduce the complexity and maintenance costs by removing the need for multiple reporting solutions, while still meeting the reporting requirements for the company. Financial Statements Checks 30 30


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