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Welcome to Our Herbalife Opportunity Meeting

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1 Welcome to Our Herbalife Opportunity Meeting


3 Fueled with Herbalife 155lbs 4.8% body fat 135lbs of muscle
Before Herbalife 175lbs 27% body fat 65lbs of muscle 200+ cholesterol Fueled with Herbalife 155lbs 4.8% body fat 135lbs of muscle 143 cholesterol

4 The Fastest Growing Health and Wellness Clubs In The World.
• WLC mission – Nutrition through Social Action and Community Service. We are offering these FREE nutrition class as a way of giving back to the community. Weight loss is a vital part of being healthy, more youthful and having more energy. We want to help others just as it has helped us. • “All of you are here for different reasons. Some of you are here because you have a special occasion you need to lose weight for, maybe you have a special outfit you need to get into? Or maybe you have multiple sizes of clothes in your closet? (Wait for people to respond as you raise your hand)

5 Herbalife! Only 8 years and Over 70,000 Clubs Worldwide!
**Starbuck’s 40 years in business, 16,000 Locations Worldwide** Herbalife! Only 8 years and Over 70,000 Clubs Worldwide! Norway 15 Centers Sweden 2 Centers CIS 69 Centers Russia 95 Centers Finland 24 Centers Korea 2,019 Centers US 9,006 Centers Guatemala 66 Centers Ireland 2 Centers Korea 2,019 Centers France 3 Centers China 329 Centers Honduras 107 Centers Poland 3 Centers UK 1 Centers Netherlands 12 Centers Mexico 40,550 Centers Japan 242 Centers Jamaica 455 Centers Germany 201 Centers Switzerland 24 Centers El Salvador 45 Centers Hong Kong 113 Centers Turkey 20 Centers Nicaragua 70 Centers Panama 129 Centers Taiwan 1,305 Centers Greece 8 Centers Israel 21 Center Costa Rica 132 Centers Vietnam 18 Centers Colombia 500 Centers Ecuador 405 Centers Portugal 86 Centers Hungry 2 Centers Philippines 119 Centers Peru 396 Centers New Zealand 1 Centers Spain 120 Centers Lesotho 21 Centers India 382 Centers Thailand 228 Centers Chile 52 Centers Austria 26 Centers Zambia 1 Center Indonesia 133 Centers Malaysia 174 Centers Brazil 4,546 Centers Argentina 28 Centers Italy 83 Centers Australia 3 Centers Botswana 2 Centers Singapore 15 Centers Bolivia 307 Centers Venezuela 171 Centers Polynesia 32 Centers South Africa 35 Centers Croatia 1 Center

6 What We Do Personal Wellness Coach We help people get healthy by:
Educating on proper nutrition Improving eating habits Weight Management Developing a healthy lifestyle Achieving solid RESULTS! Change Photo

7 We Are #1 in the Wellness Industry
US English_STS CD 04/08/10 We Are #1 in the Wellness Industry In business for 33 years Our Nutrition Clubs started 7 years ago and now over 70,000 clubs 65 million customers Publicly traded on Wallstreet and listed on the NYSE With record retail sales of over $4 Billion in 2010 and over $5.4 Billion in 2011 Environmentally Responsible 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt

8 Medical & Scientific Advisory Board
US English_STS CD 04/08/10 Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Nobel Prize 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt

9 Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Laboratory at U.C.L.A
Founder, Mark Hughes

10 World Class Athletes And Sports Models Taking Herbalife
US English_STS CD US English_STS CD 04/08/10 04/08/10 World Class Athletes And Sports Models Taking Herbalife 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt 10

11 Engineered Super Food

12 World Renowned Products!
A Complete Health And Wellness Solution! Weight Management Targeted Nutrition Sports Nutrition Energy & Fitness Personal Care 2. Introduction Establish identity and credibility so your participants know exactly who you are: • Introduce yourself as Personal Weight Loss Coach (other Coaches will be introduced at the end of class). You help people lose weight and get healthy by teaching them about proper nutrition, helping them improve their eating habits, and developing a healthy lifestyle. Your goal is to help each of them achieve solid results! • As part of introducing yourself, share briefly a testimonial (yours, or one of the other Coaches, or your mentor’s story) on weight loss and better health. (non-branded)


14 The Results!

15 Nutrition Clubs & FitCamps - Why Now?

16 You Choose Your Schedule
We Are Looking For A Min Of Hours Per Week On A Flex-Schedule, You Pick

17 What It Takes To Be Successful
1. A Burning Desire to Change Your Life 2. A Willingness to Learn something new 3. A Willingness to Work You Must ask Yourself…. “Do I have all 3”

18 How we get clients! We don’t advertise – we party
Invite People to Events Free smoothie Free Body Analysis WLC Boot Camps Happy Healthy Hour Nutrition classes Set Goals Invite every day One new guest (member) every day for 90 days The more you do the more money you make Work with a Mentor

19 Help them to get on programs to improve their health.
How we make money! Coach people (20-30) Get results Help them to get on programs to improve their health.

20 Watch your profits GROW
US English_STS CD 4/20/2017 Watch your profits GROW 50% 50% $ 100 Profit $ 84 Profit $ 70 Profit 25% $ 50 Profit Example $200 sale 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt

21 The Systemized Training Process
Why have we had so much Success? There is already a huge demand in the market place for our products The leadership of the Top Distributors “The Systemized Training Process”- that teaches exactly what, when, why and how you do everything from A-Z

22 We are looking for 3 kinds of people
A. Customer – someone who desires a Health Result B. Part-Time Income – $500 - $2,500 C. Full-Time Income – $5,000-$10,000 PLUS a month Product results disclaimer: these results are not typical, individual results will vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Earnings disclaimer: income applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the statement of average gross compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

23 International Business Pack (IBP)
HOW TO GET STARTED $68 USD Licenses and certifies you to conduct business in 74 Countries Training (individual & Corp) Represent and are backed by the worlds largest Nutrition company !!! International Business Pack (IBP) Includes Herbalife Worldwide Consultant-License


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