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Lecture 4 Application Software

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1 Lecture 4 Application Software

2 Application Software What is application software?
As a productivity/ business tool Programs that perform specific tasks for users Also called a software application or an application Why used: To assist with graphics and multimedia projects To support household activities, for personal business, or for education To facilitate communications

3 Application Software What are categories of application software?

4 Productivity Software
What is productivity software? Software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient while performing daily activities Word Processing Spreadsheet Database Presentation Graphics Personal Information Manager Software Suite Project Management Accounting

5 Productivity Software
What is word processing software? printed document Allows users to create and manipulate documents that contain text and graphics One of the most widely used types of application software k document displays in word processing window

6 Productivity Software
What is clip art? A collection of drawings, diagrams, and photographs that you can insert into documents

7 Productivity Software
What is a major advantage of using a word processor? The house was deep in a secluded part of the woods. The trees surrounded the porch in a protective circle. Small clusters of pink and white flowers lined the walk leading up to the door. You can easily change what you have written find or search secluded replace remote p. 3.9

8 Productivity Software
What is a spelling checker? Reviews the spelling! reviews the spelling of individual words reviews the spelling of inividal words inividal p. 3.9

9 Productivity Software
What are the stages of developing a document? editing process of making changes to a document’s existing content formatting changing the appearance of a document creating developing the document by entering text or numbers, inserting graphical images, and performing other tasks using an input device saving process of copying a document from memory to a storage medium such as a floppy disk or hard disk printing process of sending a file to a printer to generate output on a medium such as paper p. 3.10

10 Productivity Software
What is the clipboard? A temporary storage location used for cut, copy, and paste Copy duplicate a portion of the document and store it on the Clipboard Cut Remove a portion of the document and store it on the Clipboard Paste Place items stored on the clipboard into the document

11 Productivity Software
What is a file? A named collection of data, instructions, or information Each file has a name file name on title bar The title bar of a document window usually displays the file name

12 Productivity Software
What is voice recognition? The computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words Step 6: Say, “Green”. Then say, “End”. Step 5: Say, “Forty Eight” and then say, “Font Color”. Step 2: Say, “Voice Command” to instruct the program you will be issuing commands. Say, “Center”. Step 1: Say, “Dictation” to instruct the program you will be dictating. Say, “Car for sale”. Step 3: Say, “Font”. Step 4: Say, “Algerian” and then say, “Font Size”. p Fig. 3-12

13 Productivity Software
What is spreadsheet software? Allows you to organize data in rows and columns Performs calculations on this data Rows and columns collectively called a worksheet

14 Productivity Software
What is a database? A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data

15 Productivity Software
What is database software? Also called a database management system (DBMS) Allows you to create, access, and manage a database add, change, and delete data sort and retrieve data create forms and reports using the data

16 Productivity Software
What is presentation graphics software? Allows you to create documents called presentations

17 Productivity Software
What is a software suite? A collection of individual applications sold as a single packages Two major advantages ease of use lower cost

18 Productivity Software
What is project management software? Allows you to plan, schedule, track, and analyze the events, resources, and costs of a project

19 Productivity Software
What is accounting software? Helps companies record and report their financial transactions Newer packages support online direct deposit and payroll services

20 Graphics and Multimedia Software
What are some popular graphics and multimedia software products? Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Desktop Publishing (Professional) Paint/Image Editing (Professional) Video and Audio Editing Multimedia Authoring Web Page Authoring

21 Graphics and Multimedia Software
What is computer-aided design (CAD)? A program that assists a professional in creating engineering, architectural, and scientific designs

22 Graphics and Multimedia Software
What is desktop publishing software (professional)? Enables professional designers to design and produce sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and brilliant colors

23 Graphics and Multimedia Software
What is paint/image editing software (professional)? Used to create and modify graphical images Sometime called illustration software

24 Graphics and Multimedia Software
What is Web page authoring software? Helps users create Web pages

25 Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use
What software products are available for home, personal, and educational use? Integrated Software Personal Finance Legal Tax Preparation Desktop Publishing Paint/Image Editing (Personal) Clip Art/Image Gallery Home Design/ Landscaping Reference

26 Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use
What is integrated software? Software that combines applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and database into a single, easy-to-use package Applications use a similar interface and share common features Applications typically do not have all the capabilities of stand-alone productivity software applications Each application is available only through the integrated software package Less expensive

27 Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use
What is legal software? Assists in preparation of legal documents Provides legal advice to individuals, families, and small businesses

28 Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use
What is desktop publishing software (personal)? Easy-to-understand DTP software designed for smaller-scale desktop publishing projects

29 Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use
What is home design/landscaping software? Assists with the design or remodeling of a home, deck, or landscape

30 Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use
What is entertainment software? Interactive games Videos Programs designed to support a hobby or provide amusement and enjoyment

31 Communications Software
What software facilitates communication? or electronic mail Transmission of messages via a computer network such as a local area network or the Internet software lets you create, send, receive, forward, store, print, and delete messages Newsgroup Also called a discussion Online area on the Web where users conduct written discussions about a particular subject You use a software program called a newsreader to participate in a newsgroup Web browser or browser Allows you to access and view Web pages on the Internet Chat room Permits users to chat with each other via the computer Some support voice chats and video chats Instant messaging (IM) Real-time communications services that notifies you when one or more people are online Allows you to exchange messages or files with them or join a private chat room Groupware A software application that helps groups of people work together and share information over a network Videoconference A meeting between two or more geographically separated people who use a network or the Internet to transmit audio and video data Home users can make a video telephone call where both parties see each other as they talk Web browsers Chat rooms Newsgroups Instant messaging Groupware Videoconferencing

32 Applications on the Web
What is a Web application? A software application that exists on a Web site

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