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Chapter 3 Application Software

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1 Chapter 3 Application Software

2 Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
Ch 1 – Introduction Ch 2 – Internet & WWW Ch 3 – Application Software Ch 8 – System Software Ch 4 Processor Control Unit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Control Unit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Instructions Data Information Memory Input Devices Ch 5 Information Output Devices Ch 6 Data Instructions Data Information Storage Devices Ch 7

3 What is system software?
Serves as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer’s hardware Programs that control the operations of the computer and its devices

4 What is application software?
To serve as productivity business tool To assist with graphics and multimedia projects Programs that perform specific tasks for users Also called a software application or an application To facilitate communications To support activities, for personal business, for education

5 Public-domain software
Application Software Available in a variety of forms: Packaged software Custom software Web application Open source software Shareware Freeware Public-domain software

6 How is software distributed?
Packaged software, mass-produced Custom software, performs functions specific to a business or industry Open source software, provided for use, modification, and redistribution Web applications provided over Internet by ASP (Application Service Providers)

7 Public-Domain Software
Shareware Copyrighted software distributed free for trial period Send payment to developer on honor system Freeware Software provided at no cost Copyrighted Cannot resell it as your own Public-Domain Software Freeware donated for public use No copyright restrictions

8 Categories of applications
Business software Multimedia software For home, personal, and educational use Software for communication


10 Business Software

11 Business software performs business activities
Word Processing Spreadsheet Database Presentation Note taking Personal information manager Business software for phones Business software suites Project management Accounting Document management Enterprise computing software

12 A collection of individual programs sold as a single package
What is a software suite? Applications bundled together A collection of individual programs sold as a single package Two major advantages: lower cost ease of use

13 Presentation graphics Word processing software
Office 2007 Suite Spreadsheet Presentation graphics Database software Word processing software

14 Data Organization Text documents organization:
The meaning comes from the content. Only the look is organized. Spreadsheet organization: Data is organized as matrices. Cells depend on each other. Database organization: Data are organized in tables. Tables are in relations to each other A search through the DB can be made

15 Word processing software allows users to create and manipulate documents Clip art is a collection of electronic drawings, photos, and other images

16 Additional word processing features include
AutoCorrect AutoFormat Collaboration Columns Grammar Checker Ink Input Macros Mail Merge Reading Layout Research Search and Replace Smart Tags Tables Templates Thesaurus Tracking Changes Voice Recognition Web Page Development

17 Developing a document Create a document Edit a document
Enter text and numbers Insert images Perform other tasks Create a document Make changes to existing content Inserting, deleting, cutting, copying, and pasting Edit a document Change appearance Font Font size Format a document

18 What is spreadsheet software?
Organizes data in rows and columns Performs calculations and recalculates when data changes Charting spreadsheet data in graphical form = A1+B2 (*C12) = D1+E2 (*F12) = SUM (C12:Y12)

19 What is database software?
A database is a collection of data organized in connected (related) tables Allows you to create, access, and manage data Add, change, delete, sort, and retrieve data


21 What is presentation software?
Used to create visual aids for presentations A presentation is sometimes called a slide show

22 What is project management software?
Allows you to plan, schedule, track, and analyze the events, resources, and costs of a project

23 What is accounting software?
To record and report financial transactions

24 Document management software provides a means for sharing, distributing, and searching through documents by converting them into a format that can be viewed by any user

25 Note taking software is application software that enables users to enter typed text, handwritten comments, drawings, or sketches anywhere on a page

26 Appointment calendar Address book Notepad
Personal information manager (PIM) is application software that includes Appointment calendar Address book Notepad

27 Scaled down versions of software are available to work with smart phones and other mobile devices

28 Information technology
Enterprises require special computing solutions for various functional units Human resources Accounting Engineering Marketing Sales Distribution Customer service Information technology Inventory control

29 Graphics and Multimedia software
Enables you to design and produce documents that contain text, graphics, colors, sounds, videos, animation

30 Desktop publishing software Paint/Image editing software
Computer-aided design (CAD) software Desktop publishing software Paint/Image editing software

31 Professional photo editing software Video and audio editing software
Multimedia authoring software

32 What is computer-aided design (CAD)?
Sophisticated application software that allows you to create engineering, architectural, and scientific designs

33 What is desktop publishing?
Enables you to design and produce sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and many colors

34 What is photo editing?

35 Before

36 After

37 What is video and audio editing?
Video editing software allows you to modify a segment of a video, called a clip Audio editing software allows you to modify audio clips

38 Home Personal Education

39 Personal finance software
Personal legal software Tax-return preparation

40 Personal Data Processing software
Personal paint/image editing software Personal photo editing software

41 Clip art/image gallery
Video and audio editing software Home design/landscaping software

42 Travel and mapping software
Reference software Educational software Entertainment software

43 What is note taking software?
Enables users to enter typed text, handwritten comments, drawings, or sketches anywhere on the page Notes are organized like a notebook

44 What is a personal information manager (PIM)?
An application that includes an appointment calendar, address book, and other features Organize personal information on both desktop and handheld computers Synchronization handheld computer

45 Software for Communications

46 Text, Picture, Video Messaging
Web Browser Instant Messaging Chat Room Text, Picture, Video Messaging Aggregator Blogging Newsgroup Message Board FTP Video Conferencing Distance learning Podcasting

47 What is Web page authoring software?
Helps users of all skill levels to create Web pages video graphical images organize manage maintain Web pages audio animation

48 What is a Web application?
A Web application is a Web site that allows users to access and interact with software from any computer or device that is connected to the Internet Some Web applications service providers store your data and information at their site

49 What is an application service provider (ASP)?
Allows to outsource information technology (IT) needs Organization that distributes software and services on the Web


51 Learning Tools for Application Software
Online Help is the electronic equivalent of a user manual You can ask a question or access the Help topics in subject or alphabetical order

52 Web-based Help provides updates and more comprehensive resources to respond to technical issues about software

53 Web-based training is a type of CBT that uses Internet technology and consists of application software on the Web Distance learning (DL) is the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations

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