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2 What is a Smartpen? Video of pencasts ( Pen interacts with custom paper Computer applications Purchase price starts at $100

3 Functions of Smartpen Records lectures and meetings Allows users to “select” parts of recordings to access instead of having to listen to the entire file Has capability to transfer written notes into digital text

4 Features of Smartpen Extensive support library online Training opportunities through webinars and videos Online communities specific to ESL/Reading/Higher Education, etc. Fairly inexpensive compared to other assistive technology

5 Benefits of Smartpen Lecture – can record everything that is said during lecture. Can also capture symbols, diagrams, etc. Homework – can playback entire lecture or parts of lecture. Can transfer notes to computer and create custom searches for key material Exam Prep – can review key material and custom notebooks

6 Smartpen Applications Musical instruments (guitar/piano) Language capability Dictionary Calculator Downloads of educational applications Games Transfer to portable devices such as Ipad and Iphone Show video

7 Benefits for Students with Disabilities Ideal for students who cannot listen to the instructor and write notes at the same time as they can jot down key words and spend more time listening to the lecture Improves self-esteem Promotes a sense of independence Can assist students with a range of disabilities Capability to develop audio-tactile graphics for VI

8 Livescribe Desktop Free download to computer Example of archived material Show video

9 Livescribe Connect Allows user to send interactive notes and audio as pencasts to other people as a PDF Show video

10 Implications for Education Research with Notetaking Still a new product so there is limited research Available research does show that the use of the pen does enhance student learning Majority of students report high satisfaction levels (some find it too distracting) Teaching applications (use of Smartpen in lieu of overhead)

11 How UCC is Using Smartpens Inform students who may benefit from use at intake Some students will purchase their own (or have them purchased by ORSC or the VA) Received a grant to purchase 20 Smartpens which allow students to try them out and purchase for themselves for permanent use Smartpen is usually indicated on accommodation form

12 Demo Lecture (use document camera in place of overhead) Show video of “featured pencast” on the digestive system Participants can try individual pens

13 Student Testimonial

14 FAQ’s How does it record? Through a microphone or headset (adjustable settings). What is the memory capability? Depends on model. Ours are 2GB (about 200 hours of recording). Once full, info can be archived to the computer and the pen can be re-set. How do lectures get played back? Tap pen on notebook or access archives in Livescribe Desktop. Can also be used by portable devices. Can notes be shared? Yes, using Livescribe Connect. Does it require special paper? Yes, can be purchased or downloaded for free. Can notes be organized? Yes, on Livescribe Deskstop. How do I transcribe notes in digital text? Must purchase Myscript software.

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