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A paragraph is like a hamburger…. Topic Sentence Introduction Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3 Detail 4 Detail 5 Closing/Conclusion.

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2 A paragraph is like a hamburger…. Topic Sentence Introduction Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3 Detail 4 Detail 5 Closing/Conclusion

3 Big Mac Cheeseburger What are the ingredients of a Big Mac Cheeseburger? Top Bun Lettuce Tomato Cheese Onion Special Sauce Hamburger Bottom Bun

4 The topic sentence introduces the main idea of a paragraph. Although most people believe that man’s best friend is a dog, I think it should be a cat. Cats have been used as pets since the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. They have been found in countries all over the world. Obviously, cats have been the favorites of man for hundreds of years. I suppose cats are so well liked because they are gentle, friendly and easy to take care of.

5 What’s missing? He collects books that were written over a hundred years ago. But he is also interested in the best sellers of today. If I ever need to get him a present, I know I can always please him by buying him a book.

6 What’s missing? The most beautiful flower is the rose because it comes in so many different colors. Another beautiful flower is the daisy which sometimes grows wild. Spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, and crocuses are also very pretty.

7 Writing Samples From YOU!

8 Extended Response Describe “Free-dom.” What do you think Toby, Sarah and the rest of the people find in “Free-dom?” Are they the first people to arrive? What does the land look like? Contrast “Free-dom” with life on the plantation. Use two examples from the selection.

9 Example 1 I think freedom is when you can decide things for yourself and be your own person. Toby, Sarah, and the rest of the people I think find freedom that now they get to make all these decisions for themselves and this new responsibility to take care of themselves. They must enjoy the freedom because there in they’re really free. I don’t think they’re the first people to arrive because there have been slaves before them that have gotten free. Now all the slaves that have flown get to live on this wonderful piece of land. They’re in Canada the safest place full of freedom and you have all these nice meadows and waterfalls that you can relax and admire all day. I think that when the freed slaves are in this place they can think freely and have a set of mind that they just won’t get whipped or beat anymore. They life was horrible on the plantation where they would get yelled at and beat, now in Canada, with the beautiful surroundings all the people hardly ever think about life on the plantation.

10 Example 2 I think freedom is what you want it to be. It be heaven or a land that is your own. I think Toby, Sarah and all the rest of the people find out that freedom is heaven. No, they are not the first to arrive. If I was a slave, I would want to go to heaven besides work out in the sun my whole life. And the worst part is you don’t get any self- satisfaction like today I made some money for my family and I worked hard. The slaves don’t have a chance unless they want to be beaten to death. That is what freedom is, it is heaven.

11 Example 3 I think that Toby, Sarah and the rest of the people find a big bundle of happiness. They are overjoyed. The land must look strange since they were always on the plantation. Life on the plantation is boring and lifeless. It made them depressed since they had to work all the time. There were mistreated horribly like when they whipped Sarah and she had the baby.

12 Example 4 I think heroism is when someone does something to help someone else in a large way. Harriet Tubman showed examples of this by freeing 300 slaves; never losing a single one. She also provided her fugitives with food, clothing, shelter and will-power. She never was caught and never gave up. These are the ways I think harriet tubman shows heroism.

13 Example 5 To define the word heroism, is to define Harriet Tubman. Heroism means that you do things really great for other people even if you don’t know them. That what Harriet Tubman did for the slaves in the South. Words that describe her are brave for risking her life every day to help people from slavery so they can treated equal. Courageous for not being afraid of anything, anyone or the consequences. Harriet Tubman was defietly a hero. The word heroism definetly fits the name Harriet Tubman.

14 Example 6 The folktale “The People Could Fly” is about a group of slaves who are imprisoned by the overseer. The slaves and their leader Toby, try to find “Free-dom,” but they have to do it by flying. I think Toby, Sarah, and they others find “Free-dom” to be a place where they don’t have to listen to anyone, no slavery and no rules. I also think that they are not the first people to arrive to “Free-dom” because evryones experienced “Free- dom” before. I don’t think that “Free-dom” is somewhere to go, I think “Free-dom” is something you experience with your friends and family. Life on the plantation was a hard grueling thing that the slaves endured. It was so bad that the overseer didn’t even give them an identity. While “Free-dom” is a happy place where no one can control you. I think “Free-dom” is a heaven for the people that can fly.

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