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“The Mixed-Up Chameleon”

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1 “The Mixed-Up Chameleon”
The chameleon in the story forgot who he was. How do you tell someone who you are? What do you like to do? What kind of character (nice, helpful) do you have? What do you like about yourself? Describe to someone what makes you the person you are. Topic Sentence: If I had to tell someone who I was, I would say …

2 “Get Up and Go!” In the Story “Get Up and Go!”, the author gives information about how to get ready for school. The author shows how a girl plans her time in the morning. How do you plan your time in the morning? What do you do to get ready for school? Explain to your classmates what you do to get ready for school. Topic Sentence: In the morning, I plan my time very well. The first thing I do is …

3 “Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon”
Henry and Mudge loved doing things together. They liked to keep moving. Imagine that Mudge is your pet dog. What are some things you would do together? Where would you go? Describe to your classmates the things you would do together and the places you would go. Topic Sentence: If Mudge was my pet dog, we would have lots of fun. Mudge and I would …

4 “Days with Frog and Toad”
Toad thought Frog was sad because he wanted to be alone. Toad tried many different things to cheer him up. Imagine that your friend is sad. What are some things you would do to try and cheer up your friend? Describe some ways you would help make your friend happy again. Topic Sentence: If my friend was sad, I would try to cheer him up. I would …

5 “Wilson Sat Alone” Wilson was very shy and didn’t play with the other children. His classmates thought he wanted to be alone. How could you help make a classmate feel better about themselves? Describe some ways you could convince Wilson to join in on the fun and activities. Topic Sentence: Being shy is never easy. If I was Wilson’s classmate, I would …

6 “The Enormous Turnip” In the story “The Enormous Turnip”, the old man takes good care of his garden. He also needs a lot of help to harvest the turnip. Describe all the ways you could help someone in their garden. Explain why this would be helpful. Topic Sentence: It would be interesting to help someone in their garden. I would like to ….

7 “Helping Out” Imagine that your school is having a “Helping-Out Day”. Make a poster that asks people to help out. Write a list of chores that they will do at your school. Write why they should come. **Your poster should include: a picture, the chores, and why people should come help.

8 “Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane”
Mr. Putter loves to go to the toy store. Of course, he always takes his friend Tabby. What would be your favorite thing to see and do at the toy store and Why? Who would you bring with you? Describe to a friend all the things you would love to see and do at the toy store. Topic Sentence: Toy stores are always fun and exciting to visit.

9 “Hedgehog Bakes a Cake”
In this story, Hedgehog’s friends don’t follow the cake recipe and they make a mess. Pick a food that you like to eat or make. Write down the ingredients and each step of your recipe. Make sure to use order words: First, second, next, then, last. Explain to a friend the steps to follow your favorite recipe. Topic Sentence: When you make a _____________, you should follow the directions. First you …. Cake Recipe 2 cups flour 2 cups milk 3 eggs 2 tbsp. baking soda

10 Lemonade For Sale The children in this story sold lemonade to help fix
their clubhouse. Think of something that you would like to sell and describe it. How and where would you sell it? Why would someone want to buy it? What would you do with the money? Describe to your classmates the item you would like to sell. Topic Sentence: Selling an item can be a fun activity to try.

11 Johnny Appleseed An interview is when you ask a person some interesting questions and they answer you. What if you met Johnny Appleseed? What questions would you ask him? What do you think he would say? Think of questions you would ask Johnny Appleseed. Then write the answers you think he would say. Example: Q: What made you decide to go across the country planting apple seeds? A: I thought it would be nice for the settlers to have shade and juicy apples to eat.

12 From Seed to Plant The story “From Seed to Plant” tells about how plants grow. Pretend that you have a bag of seeds for an imaginary flower that you want to plant in your garden. What would you name this new type of flower? What would your flower look like? Tell how tall it will grow and the color. Does it have a fruit? How should you care for it? Describe this imaginary plant to a friend and draw a picture of it. Topic Sentence: Do you like to grow weird and strange plants?

13 From Seed to Plant Role: Stamen, Pistil, Seed, Bee
Audience: My Classmates Format: Riddle “Who Am I?” Topic: Describe to your classmates your job and your role in becoming a new flower. Pretend you are one of the parts of a flower or a Bee. Give us as many clues as you can that will tell us who you are.

14 The Secret Life of Trees
This story contains many facts about trees. Some stories use both facts and fiction. Using a T-Chart, write at least 5 facts about trees and 5 fiction statements about trees. Use your reading book for the fact statements. Brainstorm ideas that could not be true for the fiction statements. Example: Trees Facts Fiction

15 “The Secret Life of Trees”
Role - Animal, Bird, or Insect Audience - Classmates Format - Letter Topic - Convince Mr. Tree to let you live in his tree hotel. Pretend that you are an animal, bird, or insect. Your job is to convince Mr. Tree to let you and your family move into his tree hotel. You should have an opening sentence, 3 convincing reasons, and a closing sentence in your letter.

16 Watermelon Day In this story, the little girl and her family celebrate a “Watermelon Day” together. What are some things you would like to do on your watermelon day? Who would you invite? What games would you and your guests play? Describe to your classmates your fun and exciting Watermelon Day. Topic Sentence: A Watermelon Day would be cool to celebrate on a hot summer day.

17 Pumpkin Fiesta Fiestas, or parties, are very fun. Here in Louisiana we celebrate many fiestas called festivals. Think about a festival you have been to OR make up you own festival. Tell about things a person might see, do, and eat at this festival. Topic Sentence: Fiestas, parties, or festivals are very fun.

18 “Pumpkin Fiesta” R Foolish Fernando’s pumpkins A Classmates F Letter
T Explain to Foolish Fernando how to grow pumpkins. Imagine that you are Foolish Fernando’s tiny green pumpkins. Explain to Fernando what you need to grow healthy and beautiful like Juana’s pumpkins.

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