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CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE Preparing for and taking exams!!!

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1 CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE Preparing for and taking exams!!!

2 Preparation And Organisation Are the keys to Success!! CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE Remember:

3 Preparation Attend lectures – they may have important information about exams Mark regular revision times in your weekly timetable A time for each course plus more time for difficult subjects Eat well, exercise, relax and sleep well CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

4 Preparation - Time Management Exam timetable = Hours x weeks subjects – Break down each subject into topics. – Make a checklist of each topic and pin it up on the wall. – Tick off each topic as it is done – shows progress, helps motivation. CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

5 Preparation Know what’s expected of you If in doubt ask! Know your dates, and location of the exam CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

6 Preparation Avoid cramming Use past exam papers Test yourself, practice writing essays and short answers Join a study group or get a partner to help with questioning CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

7 MEMORY ASSISTANCE Poor memories don’t exist – they are just untrained Thinking must occur before memorising to assist the process Use more than one sense – sight (words, colour, image), sound (say it, rhyme), feel (trace with finger); the more hooks, the better the memory Breaks help the brain process information – aim to stop intake of any new information for 10-15 minutes – relaxation, sleep Follow the break with a few minutes of mindless activity Recall, check and repeat (optimum 3 times) CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

8 We learn better if we like or are interested in the information Eat your favourite food while studying something that you don’t like to trick the brain An important key to memory is association – associate the new information with something already known Make your associations stand out/unusual/ weird MEMORY ASSISTANCE CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

9 MNEMONIC DEVICES Learning strategies to assist memory They provide a structure for our memory Using images, rhymes and other associations assist in cementing the information Assists with retrieval by providing cues CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

10 Method of Loci – images of information attached to physical locations Peg word/number – information is attached to a pre- remembered set of words/numbers  you need to attach an image permanently to the number or word  peg the new information to the image  the more bizarre your images the better MNEMONIC DEVICES CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

11 CQU STUDENT SERVICES CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE Examples of information charts and diagrams Decorate the walls in your house with your notes

12 Three Ways to Manage Stress Mental stress management techniques Physical stress management techniques Lifestyle management techniques CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

13 Lifestyle Stress Management Sleep Diet Exercise Good interpersonal communication CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

14 Physical Stress Management Deep breathing Neck exercises Progressive relaxation Imagery CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

15 Mental Stress Management Avoid catastrophising Avoid personalising Challenge negative thoughts Develop a positive mind set CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

16 How to Reduce Exam Anxiety Eat before you come to the exam – energy to concentrate Come prepared – pens, pencils, calculators, watch etc Be punctual – don’t arrive too early or late Don’t listen to others Relax CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

17 Reducing Exam Anxiety Don’t forget to breathe! Use thought stopping to counter fears Think positively (ABC’s) Calm yourself – take a few minutes to breathe slowly and deeply, stretch arms and legs and then relax them. Close your eyes and visualise yourself somewhere safe and comfortable CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

18 During the Exam Check you have all pages, questions, answer sheets, scrap paper etc Read instructions carefully Make a time schedule – divide time according to question weightings Begin with answers you know best CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

19 Multiple Choice If there’s a penalty for incorrect answers, leave a blank – don’t guess Read carefully – don’t add things like an “always”, “all” or “every” that’s not there, to a question Underline qualifying phrases Pick the alternative that is more ‘true’ than the others CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

20 Exam Anxiety Symptoms Feeling tense Fear of failing before arriving at the exam Physical symptoms such as – increased heart rate, shortness of breath, perspiring etc Negative thinking ‘Blanking out’ – inability to recall information you have learned CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

21 Multiple Choice Questions Include a “stem” or phrase followed by 3-5 options, eg. – Question stem: – “Which one of the following is the currency unit used in Albania?” Dinar Rouble Kwacha Lek Rupee CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

22 Strategies Cover the options and read stem carefully Identify key words in the stem- underline Rephrase the question CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

23 Strategies Eliminate distracters Try using the true/false technique Be careful selecting “extreme” answers e.g. always, never, all, none. CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

24 Strategies Is there a penalty for incorrect answers? None of the above is usually not the correct choice Do easy questions first CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

25 Strategies Don’t waste time on questions you don’t know – come back later Pick the alternative that is more “true” than the others Don’t change your answers unless sure! CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

26 Essay Questions Make a plan first Note the weighting of each question Write legibly Use diagrams where appropriate If short of time, write an introduction, outline your argument in note form, and then if you have time write a conclusion Answer easy questions first CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

27 Other Types of Exams Open book exams Online exams CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

28 During the Exam Keep an eye on the time Don’t spend too long on one question If the exam is more difficult than anticipated – don’t panic! Focus and do your best – it might be enough to get you through CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE

29 After the Exam Don’t stress about what you may have missed Relax Reward yourself CQU STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE



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