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1 TEST TAKING STRATEGIES ACCESS PROGRAM Angel Nevin Abdula Newman Nick Ritchie

2 GOALS OF THE SESSION  Pre-test  During the test  Post-test  What if’s  Test taking strategies  How to reduce test anxiety

3 GROUP ACTIVITY Please provide us with your thoughts What should one do before the exam? What should one do during the exam? What should one do after the exam?

4 BEFORE AN EXAM  Ask your Professor/T.A. Questions  Ex: Type of exam? How many questions? What chapters does the exam cover?  Prepare physically  Sleep  Eat  Exercise  Prepare mentally  Prepare emotionally

5 DURING AN EXAM  Arrive at least 10 minutes early  Write your name on all test materials  Read ALL of the directions carefully  Maximize your time  Analyze, ask, and stay calm  Ask your professor/T.A. questions for clarification when needed

6 AFTER AN EXAM  Review the test for grading errors  Understand your errors – ask questions!  Go to office hours to discuss further  Review your preparations – add more time if needed

7 My professor doesn’t/won’t tell you the type of exam to expect You miss your exam You don’t understand a question A question wording is confusing You have a time-conflict Can you think of any other ‘what if’ scenarios that we can work through together?

8 RESOURCES Final Exam Schedule: Testing Center: Tutoring and SI: Up OWL Night:

9 TYPE OF EXAMS MULTIPLE CHOICE ESSAY/SHORT ANSWER  Budget your time  Create an outline first  Identify and use the key task words in each question  Do not write overly complex responses  Elimination is the key!  Take advantage of the cues within the question:  Absolute words (e.g. always, never, only) are often incorrect (but not always).  Not, except, and but – the most inclusive answer is often correct  Read the first part of the question and predict the answer prior to reviewing choices  Avoid second guessing

10 TYPE OF EXAMS TRUE/FALSEOPEN BOOK/TAKE HOME  Exams are usually more difficult!  Allow yourself plenty of time for completion  Create notecards that contain relevant information  Mark your notebook/textbook for easier accessibility:  Page numbers  Colored tabs  If essay – answers need to be comprehensive  Every part of a true sentence must be true  Questions containing always, never, and only tend to be false  The terms often and frequently suggest that it might be true  Treat all questions independently – avoid second guessing

11 TYPE OF EXAMS ORAL MATH - BASED  Make estimates for your answers  Show all work and write legibly  Answer the easy questions first  Do not erase work, even if your answer is incorrect  If needed, make a picture  Write all formulas on margin or scrap paper for later use at start of test  Dress accordingly  Turn off your cell phone  Maintain good eye contact and posture  Seek clarification if you do not understand the question asked  Speak in complete sentences  Include visual aids if possible  Practice by talking in front of a mirror, tutor, friends and/or family – use questions that you believe will be asked

12 TYPES OF TEST ANXIETY  Anticipatory  Experience anxiety while preparing for the test  Situational  Experience anxiety during the test  Symptoms of both types include:  Mental distraction  Physical discomfort (e.g. Nausea, cramps, tension)  Inability to recall material  A flood of negative thoughts regarding the test material

13 TEST ANXIETY REDUCTION  Ask Questions!!!  Create a positive environment  Breathing – stay in the moment  Take care of your body – your mind will benefit  Visualization  Progressive Relaxation

14 HELPFUL VIDEOS Before, During and After: Multiple choice: Essay Exam: (Part 1) (Part 2) Math Exams: Stress Relief Info and techniques: For permission to use this presentation, please email

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