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The Structure of the U.S. Constitution

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1 The Structure of the U.S. Constitution

2 The Preamble An introduction to the document
Explains why the Constitution was written Says the government’s power comes from the people States the purposes of government

3 Article I – Legislative Branch
Establishes a bicameral legislature, which is responsible for making the nation’s laws Discusses the powers and limitations of Congress

4 Article I – Legislative Branch
Powers Collect taxes Declare war Regulate trade Limitations Cannot tax exports

5 Article II – Executive Branch
Responsible for carrying out or enforcing the laws Discusses the roles and powers of the president Commanding the armed forces Appointing certain government officials

6 Article III – Judicial Branch
Calls for “one Supreme Court” Responsible for interpreting the laws Lists the powers of the federal courts and describes the kinds of cases they may hear

7 Article IV – Relations Among the States
Explains the relationship of the states to one another and to the national government Says that all states must respect each other’s laws, court decisions, and records Guarantees the states will be protected by the national government

8 Article V – Amending the Constitution
Explains how the Constitution can be changed Process involves proposal and ratification

9 Article VI – National Supremacy
Says the U.S. Constitution and the laws passed by Congress are “the supreme law of the land” Federal laws over state laws

10 Article VII – Ratification Process
Says the document would take effect when it was ratified by nine states

11 Amendments There are a total of 27 amendments
The first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights Added in 1791 These amendments protect individual freedoms

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