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Breast Cancer: What it is, Causes, Effects, Preventions Create By: Christine Class: 5B.

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1 Breast Cancer: What it is, Causes, Effects, Preventions Create By: Christine Class: 5B

2 Breast cancer is a cancer that effect your breast. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers for women in America. Breast cancer is an uncontrollable tumor that starts in a cells of the breast. An uncontrollable tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into surrounding tissues or spread to distant areas of the body. The disease happens almost entirely in women, but men can get it too. What is Breast Cancer?

3 What causes breast cancer? Things that causes breast cancer are not enough exercise, stress, too much salt, for example: An average children 11 years or over can consume 6g of salt everyday. Eating too much salt lead to high blood pressure, too much sugar will cause breast cancer too for example: An average teenager should eat about 34g of sugar a day and a non- diabetic person can eat about 40g of sugar a day. If you eat too much sugar a day you will be overweight and being overweight can develop breast cancer. Some people will get breast cancer through family history, some people just develop it but they didn’t even do anything wrong. Some women who smoke, drink alcohol, eat high- fat diets, and don’t exercise will more likely develop breast cancer than women who don’t. Causes

4 The effect that breast cancer causes are: Breast cancer may create a lump in your chest, swelling in or around your chest, collarbone or armpits…etc. After the treatment most people started to eat healthy, exercise more like; playing sport for 4 days week and 45 minutes each day, cut down on alcohol there are no proof on the limit of drinking alcohol so the limit for you to drink alcohol depends on your weight, your gender, the type of alcohol you’re drinking and the amount, your current stress levels, whether you’ve eaten anything recently. If the police think you are driving not safe then they will investigate you are over the drinking limit. They will test your breath by using the breathalyzer, some people give up on tobacco, some even think about relaxing more so stress can be more under control. Patients who are in the stage of breast cancer even started their healthy life. Effects

5 My plan from preventing breast cancer are: Eating healthy because the purpose of eating healthy is healthy diets is made out of foods and nutrients so when we eat healthy we will less likely to develop breast cancer. To do that I will follow the My Plate “technique” and be balance. I can also take care of myself for example: I can choose my own choice and know what is right and good for me, be independent. I can exercise 4 days a week and in those 4 days I can play sport for 45 minutes at least. Knowing that my grandma had breast cancer before I can protect myself even more by checking myself regularly to see if I have any bumps. I can check with the doctor daily too. My goal is to keep my promise and work on these plan and not writing this down to get good grades. Preventions

6 Some of the websites that I uses are: can-salt-affect-my-blood-pressure.htm controversies/sugar-and-cancer/?region=on cancer/secondary/about/symptoms-of-secondary-breast-cancer prevention/art-20044676 prevention-and-awareness/articleshow/20457051.cms // And Dr. Jeremy Websites

7 Thanks For Reading This The End

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