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1 Live Like Your Life Depends on it. Fighting Chronic Disease: One Step at a Time.

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1 1 Live Like Your Life Depends on it. Fighting Chronic Disease: One Step at a Time

2 2 Missouri’s Health Concerns Chronic disease burden Missouri has higher rates compared to US Chronic Diseases—higher rates in age 45+ compared to 18+ Risks factors a concern even though rates decrease for smoking and obesity for older adults 80% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, 50% have at least two By 2020, 20% of Missourians will be over 65

3 3 Top Ten Actions Help Prevent and Control Your Chronic Diseases

4 4 Chronic Diseases How long you live has a lot to do with how you live. Chronic conditions are any health issues that persist for a long time, do not usually go away and cannot be cured. This includes heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis to name a few. But just because a disease is chronic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a long and healthy life.

5 5 Top Ten Actions 1. Eat Smart Eat a variety of foods, including whole grains, and remember, more matters with fruits and veggies! Include fat-free or low-fat milk or milk products. Avoid trans fats and limit saturated fats in favor of those from fish, nuts and vegetable oils. Cut down your portion sizes and skip seconds. Reduce sugar and sodium in your diet, along with the high- calorie drinks. Go for water.

6 6 Ten Ten Actions 2. Move More Be active 30-60 minutes most days of the week. Include regular stretching and do activities to build strength 2-3 times per week. Increase daily activity by walking stairs, doing yard work and playing with family and friends. Get moving.

7 7 Ten Ten Actions 3. Be Tobacco Free Avoid secondhand smoke. If you use tobacco products, try to quit. You can set a quit date, tell others about your plans, anticipate challenges and talk to your doctor about medicines to curb withdrawal symptoms.

8 8 Ten Ten Actions 4. Maintain a Healthy Weight Balance calories you eat with calories you use during activities. Eat smart but a little less and move more to prevent gradual weight gain over time.

9 9 Ten Ten Actions 5. Avoid Risky Behaviors If you use tobacco, take steps to quit. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so sensibly and in moderation – one drink/day for women; up to two drinks/day for men. Protect your skin from too much sun exposure.

10 10 Ten Ten Actions 6. Get Recommended Health Screenings For early detection of disease, have your health care provider test for blood pressure, cholesterol, colorectal cancer, breast cancer (mammogram and self-exam), diabetes (blood sugar), cervical cancer (Pap smear) and depression.

11 11 Ten Ten Actions 7. Take Prescribed Medications and Ask Your Doctor About Others Ask your doctor about taking aspirin to prevent heart disease. Keep up to date with immunizations, including flu shots every year after age 50, and a one-time pneumonia shot after 65.

12 12 Ten Ten Actions 8. If You have a Chronic Disease You can Make a Difference Follow your health care providers’ advice and take necessary medications. Routine tests allow you to track your status. Seek help to understand your health care needs and get essential services.

13 13 Ten Ten Actions 9. Stay Connected with Family and Friends 10. Enjoy Your Life!

14 14 Web site Additional information at

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