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3 Job Listings Recruiting, Screening and Hiring Services Labor Market Information Access to Employee Training and Retraining Access to Facilities Business Restructuring or Closure Information “Off the Menu”

4 Customized job postings to fit business needs All job listings are available online at




8 Complete tutorial for career readiess skills Based on ACT’s WorkKeys assessment system and the National Career Readiness Certificate The National Career Readiness Certificate is the national standard in certifying workplace skills

9 Largest applicant pool in the state from professionals to laborers Statewide - 176,092 active job seekers Eastern Region – 8,256 active job seekers Screening and referral of qualified applicants Individual skills match by position (applicant search) Specialized recruitments, job fairs and other special events Customized application process (In person, at WFC, online, etc.)

10 ***Search resulted in 123 applicants that could be notified of this opportunity


12 Regional access to local and state labor market information Occupational descriptions Job industry growth patterns Economic trends and forecasts Wage and benefit Information Population and demographic information



15 Professional recruitment and interviewing environment Computers, internet connections and staff assistance Interviewing techniques and proper interview questions assistance


17 Workforce Centers are willing to work with businesses to customize services to fit specific needs.

18 Skills assessment and enhancement tools (Prove It!, CareerReady Colorado Certification, etc.) On-the-job training Work experiences Customized and other employer based training




22 Skill levels are ‘certified’ on the certificate Bronze Silver Gold Platinum State certificate, signed by the governor, which certifies job seeker skills

23 Based on nationally recognized credentialing standards, the certificate verifies workplace skills in three business critical areas:

24 Federally funded program designed to increase occupational skill levels of participants, and improve the quality of the workforce Eligibility based program May provide programs such as educational or vocational training, workplace readiness skills, On-the-Job Training, Work Experience, academic attainment assistance, incentives and supportive services.

25 *WIA serves three designated categories based on a priority of service directive: Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth Adult – an individual over the age of 18 who is unemployed or underemployed and/or receiving public assistance, and in need of additional assistance to enter sustainable employment Dislocated Worker – an individual who has been separated from his or her place of employment through no fault of his or her own (plant layoff, closer, etc.), and is unlikely to return to the occupation or the workforce without additional training or assistance Youth – an individual between the ages of 14-21, in or out of school, low income, with a documented barrier to education (offender, BSD, pregnant or parenting, homeless, drop out, foster care) and/or employment in need of additional assistance to complete an educational training program or to gain employment

26 Trade Adjustment Assistance is available to workers who lose their jobs or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as the adverse result of foreign trade. Variety of benefits and reemployment services designed to help unemployed workers prepare for and obtain suitable employment. Workers may be eligible for: 1. Training 2. Job Search Allowance 3. Relocation Allowance 4. “Wage Insurance” – those that accept new employment at lower wage than the worker earned in “trade affected” employment 5. Health Coverage Tax Credit – those that purchased health insurance to replace coverage provided in their “trade affected” employment 6. Trade Readjustment Allowance – payable to qualified workers who have exhausted unemployment insurance

27 The Petition Process to establish group eligibility begins when a TAA Petition is filed with the USDOL, Office of TAA. Petitions may be filed by: 1. A company 2. A group of three or more workers 3. Their union 4. Authorized representative 5. Workforce Center Representative

28 ELIGIBLE candidate is hired by the participating employer Wages are reimbursed by the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment up to a certain $ or hour amount (Reimbursement % is dependent on company size) ***Expectation is the employer will hire the participant upon OJT completion

29 ELIGIBLE candidate is hired by the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment Wages are paid 100% up to a certain $ amount CDLE assumes all liability Typically used when candidate has little to no work experience (youth) Designed to promote good work habits and job skills

30 1. Identify a contact person(s) 2. Set up an initial informational meeting with both Business Services and WIA Representatives Business Services – major energy employers, who’s hiring, OJT possibilities, etc. WIA – Get an idea of #’s of enrollees, kinds of training, partnerships, etc. (see 3 and 4) 3. Gain knowledge of local programs, eligibility, and allowances 4. Establish yourself as the “Go-To” person for any clients interested in careers in energy

31 Partnerships play an integral role in the success of the Workforce Centers and our programs. Some of our key partners include: Economic Development Chambers of Commerce Small Business Development Centers Community Service and Support Agencies Community Colleges Local School Districts

32 Tony Anderson Business Development Representative Fort Morgan Workforce Center 411 Main Street Fort Morgan, CO 80701 970-867-9401 x 16

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