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1 Careers in the field of FINANCE: It’s all about the MONEY! Compiled by Dotty Harshberger Paul V. Moore High School.

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1 1 Careers in the field of FINANCE: It’s all about the MONEY! Compiled by Dotty Harshberger Paul V. Moore High School

2 2 Want to be where the money is? Finance puts you right in the thick of it! You’ll find a variety of careers that have to do with the management, analysis, and protection of financial interests for both individuals and businesses. Overview of Finance

3 3 Clients are better educated in finance. On-line financing and investing is changing the field quickly. Expected employment growth. Competition for entry-level jobs will be strong. Trends in Finance

4 4 Careers in Finance There are many careers in the world of finance. Watch the next few slides to learn about some of the careers available.

5 5 Will analyze financial information and prepare reports to determine or maintain records of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, taxes and other financial activities within an organization. Wage Range: $39,436 - $80,242 Accountant

6 6 Conducts analyses of information affecting investment programs of public or private institutions. Wage Range: $48,654 - $110,767 Financial Analysts

7 7 Enforces or checks to be sure laws and regulations over finance are being followed accurately. Can look at, verify or see if reports are true and authentic. Wage Range: $24,750 - $74,186 Financial Examiners

8 8 Provide financial analysis and guidance to businesses and individuals to help them with their investment decisions. Wage Range: $44,377 - $132,015 Personal Financial Advisors/Planner/Consultant

9 9 Direct and coordinate financial activities of workers in an office, such as a branch bank, brokerage firm, risk and insurance department, or credit department. Wage Range: $67,785 - $151,181 Financial Managers

10 10 Assists an investor when buying or selling stock, bonds, shares in mutual funds, insurance annuities, or other financial products. Can also give advice on investments, estate planning and other financial matters. Wage Range: $61,408 – 174,799 Financial Services Sales Agent

11 11 Credit AuthorizersAuditors Credit AnalystsTreasurer/Controllers BookkeepersTax Examiners Tax CollectorsActuaries EconomistsFinancial Examiners Loan OfficersCost Estimators Other Careers in Finance

12 12 BankersBudget Analysts Credit AnalystsUnderwriter Personal Financial Advisors Purchasing Agents/Buyers Administrative Service Managers Real Estate Brokers and Agents Insurance Sales AgentsInvestment Broker And even more jobs…

13 13 Understanding written documents. Using math to solve problems. Using logic and reasoning. Drawing conclusions Decision makingSpeaking effectively Good judgmentHonesty Skills generally needed in the financial field:

14 14 Show me the JOB!

15 15 What are some of the companies in finance?

16 16 So, who’s going to hire a high school student interested in finance? Many banks want to hire students 18 or older! Some banks pay $12 per hour and give benefits for part-time employees! You’ll be surprised!

17 17 “Click it out” for a job!

18 18 – This site lists all kinds of positions available in financial services companies. – This site is good for someone with experience. – Experienced bookkeepers can find what they want. Specialized Web Sites

19 19 Know the “lingo” Do your research! If you lack education— get experience! If experience is little—get educated! Go to job fairs, join organizations, network! Tips for Job Hunters

20 20 So, you want to get into the field of FINANCE--get educated!

21 21 What classes should you consider taking in high school? Finance Personal Finance Accounting Business Management Business Ownership Keyboarding Computer Usage

22 22 Interested in a higher education? 4-year college in our county: 2-year community college in our county: Others schools to consider: Syracuse University: LeMoyne College: Bryant & Stratton

23 23 Sources:

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