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Business & Marketing Created by: Katie Wilson. Careers That Require a Bachelor’s Degree CareerWage Accountant$60, 000 Advertising Managers$ 63, 610 Computer.

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1 Business & Marketing Created by: Katie Wilson

2 Careers That Require a Bachelor’s Degree CareerWage Accountant$60, 000 Advertising Managers$ 63, 610 Computer Managers$ 92, 570 Cost Estimators$ 49, 940 Financial Analysts$ 66, 910 Human Resources Managers and Specialists $ 72, 530 Information Systems Managers$ 92, 570 Insurance Underwriters$ 48, 550 Labor Relations Specialists and Managers $ 66, 530 Loan Officers and Credit Counselors$ 48, 830 Marketing Managers$ 63, 610

3 Continued CareerWage Personal Financial Advisors$ 61, 910 Promotions Managers$ 63, 610 Property Managers$ 39, 980 Public Relations Managers$ 63, 610 Purchasing Agents$ 72, 450 Real Estate Managers$ 39, 980 Sales Managers$ 63, 610 Tax Examiners / Revenue Agents$ 43, 490 Training Specialists and Managers$ 66, 530 Top Executives$ 77, 420 Sales Engineers$ 75, 620

4 Careers That Require a Master’s Degree CareerWage Education Administration$ 80, 190 Engineering Managers$ 97, 630 Health Services Managers$ 72, 430 Management Analysts$ 63, 450 Medical Services Managers$ 67, 430 Financial Services Sales Agents$ 69, 200

5 Careers That may Require college, technical training, or certification CareerWages Administrative Services Managers$ 60, 290 Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate$ 46, 390 Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, and Investigators $ 50, 220 Community Association Managers$ 39, 980 Construction and Building Inspectors$ 45, 620 Meeting and Convention Planners$ 41, 620 Advertising Sales Agents$ 40, 300 Counter and Rental Clerk$ 8.79 hourly Demonstrator$ 9.95 hourly

6 Careers That may Require college, technical training, or certification CareerWages Insurance Sales Agents$ 45, 720 Product Promoters$ 9.95 an hour Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents$ 45, 670 Retail Salespersons$ 20,000 Sales Representatives Wholesale & Manufacturing $ 60, 580 Sales Worker Supervisors$ 36, 720 Securities and Commodities Sales Agents$ 80, 200 Travel Agents$ 35, 640

7 Accounting is very team-oriented. –Start as a junior member of a team responsible for auditing. You have got to surf waves of innovation. –Use electronic systems for preparing financial statements. Cultivate your network. –Stay in touch with classmates that rise in their business areas as they may become future customers. Accounting

8 Accounting: Salaries Deloitte & Touche Grant Thornton Typical Experience Entry Level$33-55,000$34,000First year Junior Staff Accountant $36-63,000$37,0001-2 years Senior Staff Accountant $40-85,000$42,0003-5 years Manager$50-110,000$63,0005-7 years Senior Manager$72-160,000$87,0007 years plus Partner$260,000$180,00010 years plus

9 Banking Bank tellers and other clerks usually need only a high school education. Most banks seek people who have good basic math and communication skills, enjoy public contact, and feel comfortable handling large amounts of money.

10 Training and Advancement Some banks have own training programs. Financial services sales agents usually need a college degree. Advancement to higher level executive, administrative, managerial, and professional positions may be accelerated by taking additional training.

11 Earnings Occupation Depository credit intermediation All industries Financial managers$31.02$39.37 Loan officers21.3823.48 First-line supervisors/managers of office and administrative support workers 17.7819.72 Executive secretaries and administrative assistants 16.5216.81 Loan interviewers and clerks13.1313.94 New accounts clerks12.8412.91 Customer service representatives12.5712.99 Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks 12.3313.74 Office clerks, general11.2110.95 Tellers10.1710.15

12 Investment Sales Most investors use securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents when buying or selling stocks, bonds, and shares in mutual funds.

13 Training and advancements A college education is needed. Personal qualities and skills are important. Good communication skills are needed.

14 Earnings

15 Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing Employment opportunities will be best for those with a college degree. Job prospects for wholesale sales representatives will be better than those for manufacturing sales representatives. Earnings of sales representatives usually are based on a combination of salary and commissions.

16 Nature of the Work Regardless of the type of product they sell, their primary duties are to interest wholesale and retail buyers and purchasing agents in their merchandise and to address clients’ questions and concerns.

17 Earnings

18 Meeting Planners Planners often work long hours in the period prior to and during a meeting or convention, and extensive travel may be required. Employment is expected to grow faster than average. Opportunities will be best for individuals with a bachelor’s degree and some meeting planning experience.

19 Nature of the Work Meetings and conventions bring people together for a common purpose, and meeting and convention planners work to ensure that this purpose is achieved seamlessly.

20 Earnings

21 Human Resources, Training, and Labor Many employers seek college graduates who have majored in human resources, human resources administration, or industrial and labor relations. For many specialized jobs, previous experience is an asset. Keen competition for jobs is expected because of the plentiful supply of qualified college graduates and experienced workers. Relations Managers and Specialists

22 Nature of the Work Attracting the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited is significant for the success of any organization.

23 Employment Human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists held about 820,000 jobs in 2004.

24 Earnings

25 Court Reporters Job prospects are expected to be excellent as job openings continue to outnumber jobseekers. Demand for real-time and broadcast captioning and translating will spur employment growth. The amount of training required to become a court reporter varies with the type of reporting chosen. Job opportunities should be best for those with certification.

26 Nature of the Work Court reporters typically create verbatim transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events when written accounts of spoken words are necessary for correspondence, records, or legal proof.

27 Training and Advancements It usually takes less than a year to become a voice writer, while electronic reporters and transcribers learn their skills on the job The average length of time it takes to become a steno typist is 33 months. Training is offered by about 160 postsecondary vocational and technical schools and colleges.

28 Earnings

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