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LEV BEFORE 95 TRENTO 14-15 MARCH 2003. Lev and Luba Saratov, 1953.

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2 Lev and Luba Saratov, 1953

3 Luba and Lev Leningrad, 1954

4 From Saratov newspaper. Saratov 1950, high school. Lev is first from the left

5 Military camp near Saratov, summer 1953

6 Landaus letter to Lev, Admission to PhD test

7 Landaus register of examinations

8 Landaus group in Moscow, Are sitting: L. Prozorova, A. Abrikosov, I. Khalatnikov, L. Landau, E. Lifshitz. Are standing: S. Gershtein, Lev, L. Vainshtein, R. Arkhipov, I. Dzyaloshinskii

9 Low temperature conference in Moscow, Lev, E. Lifshitz, H.E. Hall

10 Laboratory of P.L. Kapitza. Moscow, 1962


12 Bakuriani, Georgia, G. Khutzishvili, Yu. Sharvin, Lev

13 Warszawa, Conference on ionized gases. Cox, Gurevich, Lev, Kurt

14 Moscow USSR-USA Seminar. Sitting: A. Andreev, D. Pines. Standing: I. Khalatnikov, Rusinov, Lev, G. Eliashberg, A. Abrikosov, P. Martin, L. Kadanoff, J. Bardeen

15 Moscow LT-10 conference

16 Urbana, D. Pines, C. Pethick, Lev, S. Anisimov, V. Shikin, M. McMillan

17 Saratov, 1977

18 Moscow, about Are standing: Lev, T. Sakharova, B. Meyerovich, A.Meierovich, A. Andreev, M. Liberman, D. Kompaneetz, D. Danin (a writer). Are sitting: M. Kaganov, I. Lifshitz, P.A.M. Dirac, E. Lifshitz

19 Moscow, I. Fomin, Yu. Sharvin, A. Andreev J. Bardeen, Lev

20 Moscow, Lev, A. Andreev, I. Dzyaloshinskii

21 Mexico, Lev and E. Bashkin

22 California Lev and A. Aronov


24 Milano, 1990 Luba and Lev

25 BEC group in Trento, F. Dalfovo, M. Cozzini, G. Astrakharchick, S. Stringari, P. Pedri, Lev, C. Menotti, M. Kraemer, S. Giorgini

26 University of Trento INFM

27 Science or art? The question has plagued medicine, meteorology, and other fields since the times of Aristotle. But the two need not be mutually exclusive, as shown by recent NIST research to improve understanding of Bose Einstein condensates….. Modeling blends science with art From Technology at a glance, Nist 1999 Quantum vortices

28 Giacomo Balla. Vortice, 1914 Mart (museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di trento e rovereto)

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