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THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE UNITED STATES Comparing and Contrasting Contemporary Ideologies.

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1 THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE UNITED STATES Comparing and Contrasting Contemporary Ideologies

2 WHAT IS THE MIDDLE EAST? Definition Also called Mideast. (loosely) the area from Libya E to Afghanistan, usually including Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the other countries of the Arabian peninsula.Mideast Human Characteristics Ethnicity: Mainly Arab, with Turks (Turkey), Persians (Iran), and Jewish (Israel) Minorities. Religion: Largly Islamic, Christian Minorities, Israel is mainly Jewish Physical Characteristics Largly Desert both in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa Resources: Many Arab countries have large deposits of oil. Water is scarce.


4 WHAT IS AN IDEOLOGY Definition: A person’s ideas about economics, politics, religion, and education. Examples: Political Parties, Companies, Religions, Schools, Families, Communities.

5 Middle East vs. United States Ideologies Middle East Largely Muslim Largely Arab Dictatorship Theocracy (ISIS and Iran) Women have less rights Communal United States Largely Christian Largely European descent Democracy / Republic Separation of Church and Government Individualism

6 U.S. vs. Iran Ideologies

7 Religion: Belief or worship of a higher power Both Christianity and Islam Believe in one God. Middle East Religions: -Islam / Muslim Faith - Sunni and Shiite are the two major sects -small minority of Jewish and Christian Religions U.S. Religion: Majority Christian: Two major sects: Protestant and Catholic. minority of Atheists, Muslims, Jews and other religions.

8 Beliefs: An important opinion or conviction Christian Beliefs: Only one God Trinity Jesus was God Give to the poor Muslim/Islamic Beliefs: Only one God 5 Pillars of Islam Give to the poor Muhammad is the final prophet

9 Customs: Traditions followed by the majority of people within a cultural group. U.S. Customs: American Women tend to shave legs and Armpits Deoderant Bath once a day Eat with the hand you write with Middle Eastern Customs: Some Middle Eastern Women are expected to cover up in public. Greasy tents show hospitality Eat with your right hand...the left is for other things.

10 Values: Ideas about what worthy behaviors should be. U.S. Values Individualism, equality, materialism, science and technology, progress, work ethic, mobility, volunteerism Middle Eastern Values: Honor, good impression, loyalty to family, fate, conformity, tradition, social class/background

11 Prejudice: A belief held about a person or group of people without any actual experience. Prejudice against U.S? Materialistic Overconsumption: Greedy Racist, Gun-loving, violent, arrogant, environmentally unconscious Prejudice against Middle East: Billionaires, Bombers,and Belly Dancers, primitive, Beards, Anti- woman

12 Stereotypes?

13 Politics: The Activities of Governments Democracy A government where people have the power to vote. Dictatorship A government where a single person has the power. Theocracy A government where the leader of the church has power and religious laws are also political law.

14 Political Arrangements Democracy DictatorshipTheocracy

15 The End

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