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THE CPU Cpu brands AMD cpu Intel cpu By Nathan Ferguson.

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1 THE CPU Cpu brands AMD cpu Intel cpu By Nathan Ferguson

2  It is the part of the computer system that carries out the instructions of a computer program. It is also the primary part that controls all computer’s functions. THE FUNCTION OF THE CPU

3  If you want to run games on high graphics then Ghz above 3.0 would be a decent amount. GHZ OF A CPU

4  An additional core is necessary when you like running different things at the same time. Like if you are playing a game and running anti-virus at the same time. CORES

5  Overclocking is the process of making your computer operate faster than the clock frequency specified by the manufacturer.  Overclocking can be a good idea if your computer can handle it, but if you push your computer too far it can blow up.  It will void the warranty.  If the overclocking goes wrong then your pc will blow up. OVERCLOCKING

6  A form of simultaneous multithreading technology introduced by Intel.  Hyper-threading is very helpful because it make your computer schedule your programs better. HYPER-THREADING

7  If I was building a pc I would choose Intel because if you have a high budget then it is better to get Intel. CHOOSING A CPU

8  a printed circuit board containing the principal components of a computer or other device, with connectors into which other circuit boards can be slotted. MOTHERBOARDS

9  Form factor is the size and shape of computer hardware.  The difference between different form factors is that some form factors are smaller or bigger than others, and the depth of the case. FORM FACTORS

10  You choose your socket type by the processor you use.  You should also get a good quality socket such as, Intel or AMD. PICKING A SOCKET TYPE

11  RAM is the random access memory. It is the most common type of memory in computers and other devices.  If your motherboard can take in a lot of RAM then your computer will much faster. WHAT IS RAM

12  RAID backs up data for added security, and allows you to either connect several smaller drivers’ capacity into one large drive. DRIVER CONNECTIONS

13  Expansion slots are areas where you can add extra features into your PC.  You usually put graphics cards or sound cards into the expansion slots. EXPANSION SLOTS

14  There are five different rear panel exports, keyboard and mouse ports, USB/Firewire ports, Ethernet, Serial/parallel ports, and eSATA ports. REAR PANEL EXPORTS

15  I would pick the ASRock 970 Extreme3 because it has a lot of RAM so you can put graphics and sound cards easily in the PC PICKING A MOTHERBOARD


17  The video card is a display device. If you get a very high-end video card then your computer will be able to handle better graphics games more efficiently. FUNCTION OF A VIDEO CARD

18  When purchasing a video card you should consider the prices and what you want your computer to handle. If you do not play games that require a good graphics card then you should buy one that does not cost as much. PURCHASING A VIDEO CARD

19  If I were to build a gaming computer the video card I would probably get would be the GeForce GTX 760 because it is a reasonable price and also has good reviews. MY VIDEO CARD


21  It is the main power source of the whole computer. It gives power to the other components. FUNCTION OF THE POWER SUPPLY

22  A power supply unit converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a computer. MODULAR POWER SUPPLY

23  If would buy the Antec EA-380D Green because it is a good gaming computer power supply and also has good reviews.Antec EA-380D Green BUYING A POWER SUPPLY


25  Hard drives are designed to store large amounts of digital information. FUNCTION OF A HARD DRIVE

26  If you do not to have a lot of storage you should get one hard drive, but if you need a lot it is better to buy a modular hard drive as well. BUYING A HARD DRIVE

27  Your hard drive fails when your data is not readily accessible, but it is still there.  The best way to prevent damage from a hard drive disk failure is to back up the data stored on the drive. HARD DRIVE FAILURE

28  I chose the Crucial CT128M4SSD2 because it has a high capacity of 128GB and its interface is 6GB/s. PICKING A HARD DRIVE


30  You need a case to put all your computer parts in. Without a case your parts would be scattered and wont work properly. WHY YOU NEED A CASE

31  One thing you should consider is how big you want your case. If you have a lot of computer components then you should get a tower case. A tower case is also good because you have a lot more space to work with and your cable management with look better, PURCHASING CONSIDERATION

32  I chose the Cooler Master HAF 912 because it is a tower case and can support many computer components. PICKING A CASE


34  The two main cooling systems are using fans and water cooling.  You can have many fans in your CPU, and you especially need one on your processor. When your computer turns on the fans starts cooling most of the components.  Water cooling is the same idea of keeping your computer cool. It has tubes filled with water connected to your computer components. DIFFERENT COOLING DEVICES

35  I chose the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 because it has a fast Rpm and a low price.  PICKING A COOLING SYSTEM


37  An optical drive allows you to put CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs into your computer, so you can watch a movie or listen to music. FUNCTION OF AN OPTICAL DRIVE

38  You should consider getting Blu-ray because it has better quality and most DVDs are switching to it. PURCHASING CONSIDERATIONS

39  The Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS is the optical drive I chose because it has a very high speed and for a very low price. PICKING AN OPTICAL DRIVE


41  A memory card reader is a device, typically having a USB interface, for accessing the data on a memory card FUNCTION OF A CARD READER


43  A monitor is an output device. A monitor is basically the display of your computer to show what you are doing. MONITOR

44  the software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals.  A Mac is fast for doing none high graphics things. A pc runs on Windows and a Mac runs on IOS. OPERATING SYSTEM

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