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My dream computer By Jhanava Ramisetty. CPU: Intel core i7  CPU stands for central processing unit which Is the brain of the computer that processes.

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1 My dream computer By Jhanava Ramisetty

2 CPU: Intel core i7  CPU stands for central processing unit which Is the brain of the computer that processes instructions, performs calculations and manages the flow of information through the computer system. Description: - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8 MB cache - 3.5GHz - 64 bit support - Heatsink and Fan included Reason for my choice in this processor is because of its speed and how it supports all the latest software and programs Price: $200–$735.99

3 RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance  The ram is the working area of the CPU where data and program instructions are stored temporarily and disappear when the computer is turned off.  Description: - 16GB (2 x 8GB) - Cas Latency 9 - Voltage of 1.5V I chose this memory card because the memory is high for multitasking Price: $109.99

4 Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA  A motherboard is a circuit board for the computer that carries all the components on.  Description: - Video ports: D-Sub + DVI - 4 USB ports - 5 audio port This mother board is very reliable and can support all the components for my computer which is why I chose this. Price: $127.99

5 Video card: GeForce GTX 670  The video card is what increases the video graphics and the speed of the display.  Description: - Core Clock speed: 965MHz - Memory size: 2Gb - HDMI Port This video card is good for the kind of graphic it provides and its speed Price: $369.99

6 Sound card: ASUS Xonar  The sound card is a circuit card that improves the audio quality for the computer.  Description: -Channels 7.1 -24-bit Digital audio -Sample rate192KHz This choice of sound card was made was because of the quality the sound card provides. Price: $41.99

7 Power supply: CORSAIR AX1200i  The power supply powers the computer and its hardware.  Description: - 1 fan - Input voltage: 90-264V This power supply can let me add more hardware to my computer if I need too. Price:$329.99

8 Fan: RAIDMAX HYBRID 2  The fan is used to cool down the computer so it won’t overheat  Description: -Maximum power: 730W This fan with its power could make sure the computer wont overheat often. Price:$69.99

9 USB drive: Rosewill PCI Express Card  The USB drive allows the computer to take a type of usb as input  Description: - 2 USB 3.0 ports With this USB drive I am able to use better USB’s in my computer as an input/output device Price:$24.99

10 DVD drive: ASUS 24X DVD Burner  DVD drives are used to accept DVD’s as a sort of input for the computer  Description: -DVD-ROM access time: 140ms -CD-ROM access time: 150ms The DVD drive reads DVD’s fast which is why I like this DVD drive. Price:$20

11 Modem: Linksys DPC3008  The modem is the communication device that allows my computer to be connected to a network.  Description: -Weight: 0.65 lbs I chose this modem because it seemed more reliable than the others Price:$90

12 Hard drive: Western Digital WD  The hard disk stores all of the computers digital information.  Description: -3 Gb/s -7200 RPM -1TB capacity A bigger hard disk could boost the performance in my computer Price:$109.99

13 Chassis: Sentey Optimus Extreme Division Tower Case  The chassis contains and protects all the parts of the system unit.  Description: -19.09" x 7.48" x 18.31“ -10.80 lbs The chassis is big enough for all my components to fit in Price:$49.99

14 Monitor: Acer G226HQLBbd  The monitor displays information from the computer as an output.  Description: -Screen size is 21.5” -Weight: 4.5 lbs The monitor gives a wide screen for me to view information better Price:$129.99

15 Keyboard: Logitech G510  The keyboard provides a way to input data into the computer in letters, numbers, and symbols  Description: -Connection type: wired The way the keyboard is designed it fits for comfort for me while I'm typing Price:$99.99

16 Mouse: RAZER Naga Hex  The mouse allows you to move around and click on things on your computer.  Description: -Connection type: USB The mouse (like the keyboard) fits for comfort for me Price:$60.99

17 Web camera: Logitech HD Pro Webcam  The webcam allows the user to talk to others using video chat.  Description: -Captures video at 30 Fps - 1080p recording With the HD recording the web camera interest me because I could communicate with good quality Price:$81.99

18 Printers/Speakers: HP Deskjet 3520 CX056A  A printer is an output device that is used to print the information like text and images  Description: -22 ppm The printer is fast for printing any image I want Price:$79.99

19 Operating system: Windows 7  The operating system is a software that manages the computer and its peripheral devices  Description: -Easy to use and work with The OS is easy to use on PCs and it is reliable mostly which is why I chose this OS Price:$120

20 Compared with regular computer  A regular computer wouldn't perform as fast as my dream pc  The quality of the video and images wouldn’t be as good

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