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Types of Pastry.

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1 Types of Pastry

2 Objectives of this slideshow:
To learn about the 4 main different types of pastry used in school. To understand the functions of flour, fat and water in pastry making. To learn which pastry is best suited for specific recipes.

3 Types of Pastry There are four main types of pastry that we use in school: Shortcrust Rough Puff Choux pastry Filo pastry

4 Types of Pastry (2) This is what they look like when they have been cooked:

5 Other Pastries: Other pastries that are used to make food products include: Pate Sucree Pastry Suet Pastry Chocolate Pastry Hot Watercrust Strudel Dough

6 Functions of Pastry Ingredients:
Function of Flour: Soft, plain flour is used for shortcrust pastry to give it a short crumb. Strong plain flour is used in choux and Flaky or rough puff pastry as it contains more Gluten – this is needed to make the dough and give the pastry elasticity. Function of fat: Fat shortens the mixture in shortcrust. It traps air between the layers in flaky Pastry. It adds colour and flavour.

7 Functions of Pastry Ingredients:
Function of Water: The use of boiling water in choux pastry gelatinises the starch causing the dough to thicken. The water binds the ingredients together. It develops the gluten in flaky and choux pastry. Pastry Proportions: Pastry Ratio Fat Flour Water Special Points Shortcrust 1:2 100g 200g 8 teaspoons All yellow fat / all white fat /combination e.g. ½ butter, ½ lard Rough Puff 3:4 150g 7 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons lemon juice Suet crust 7- 8 tablespoons Grated suet or vegetarian suet Choux 2:3 50g 75g 8 – 9 tablespoons Boiled fat & water, beaten egg Hot Water 3:8 5 tablespoons Boiled fat and water

8 Baking Blind: When making tarts, quiches and flans you
often bake the pastry ‘blind’. This is when you line the raw pastry with greaseproof paper and baking beans to prevent the pastry from rising. After 15 minutes you remove the paper and beans and cook the pastry case for 5 – 10 minutes more until it is golden brown.

9 Shortcrust Pastry Practical:
Next week you are making 3 pastry dishes Quiche, a shortcrust pastry dish, Vol au vents using ready made puff pastry and palmiers using the left over pastry from the vol au vents. Use the recipes on to help you organise yourself for these 3 dishes.

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