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Deserts can be divided into two categories Hot deserts and cold deserts

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1 Deserts can be divided into two categories Hot deserts and cold deserts

2 Before you can create any desert you have to understand how to make the foundation of the desert, this is the base, The bases are divided into Pastry which includes Puff Pasty, short sweet paste and choux Dairy/Egg Based deserts Cake Based deserts

3 There are there methods of making Puff Pastry, English, French and Scottish (known as flaky pastry) The ingredients are the same for each one, the difference is how they are laminated. Laminations is created by building up layers of dough and fat. It is when the pastry is placed into a hot oven that the fat will melt and create pockets of steam, it is the steam that will make the pastry rise and create the layers that make it light and easy to eat.

4 The dough is a mixture of strong flour needed to withstand the steam that the fat will create, water, margarine, lemon juice and very cold butter. The flour, margarine, lemon juice and water are mixed together to make a stiff dough. The dough must be well worked to develop the gluten which is the protein in the flour, mix until a degree of elasticity is achieved.

5 Turnovers Gateaux Pthivier Millefeuilles Jelousie Palmiers Fruit Bands Apple strudle Sweet,

6 Is a mixture of soft flour, butter, lemon juice, icing sugar and eggs. Baking powder is optional. A good pastry should be soft and easy on the palette This is achieved by selecting the correct strength of flour which should have a low protein content Overwoeking the pastry can also cause it to become brittle and will cause it to shrink during baking and will destroy the eating qualities,

7 A variety of tarts Fruit bands Biscuits to accompany deserts Fruit flans Tartlets

8 Choux pastry is a mixture of water, butter, sugar, strong flour and water The water and fat is boiled in a pan the flour is then added and mixed in whilst still in the pan. Keep the pan over the heat for 2 mins and toast the mixture continually stirring Take the mixture off the heat and allow to cool Add the eggs slowly beating to a smooth consistancy

9 Gateaux St Honre Fritters Profiteroles Eclairs Petit flours Dessertfirst.type

10 Dairy based deserts are very popular as they are creamy and easy on the pallett They can be made from ingredients such as cream, eggs, yoghurt and milk Dairy deserts and bases can be both hot or cold

11 Ice Creams Brulee Cheese cakes Mousse Panna cotta Marquise Souffle Roulade

12 Cake is made from eggs, fat, sugar, flour and some times glycerine is added to keep the cake moist. Sponge is a fat free mixture that tends to be lighter than a cake base. In both cases aeration that makes the cake/sponge light and fluffy is acheived by the air that is incorporated during mixing.

13 Tortens Gateaux Petit flours Fruit flans Trifles Marquis Steamed sponge puddings

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