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Fashion trade system SMP Marco Pinna Project manager.

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1 Fashion trade system SMP Marco Pinna Project manager

2 Project SMP The fashion trade system in Puglia ATI are setting up a project designed to develop the fashion trade system in Puglia. This will entail: eliminating black labour, introducing quality parameters through the transfer of know-how and training; Reinforcing enterprises and labour, publicizing the SMP in the national and international market.

3 Focus on.. The objective of this project is to reinforce the professional competence of workers and entrepreneurs by offering them the necessary know- how. The project will operate in a spirit of cooperation between entrepreneurs and workers in order to encourage a reduction of black labour and promote local development.

4 The actions of the project Action 1 will close by 14 April 2002 Action 2 will commence when the reformulation of the project is approved. Presumably the project will start June 2nd 2002 and will close 31 December 2004 Action 3 Mainstreaming and dissemination of the best projects (another funding)

5 Phases of action 2 Phase 1 Definition of the field of operations – 3 months Phase 2 Field know how – 4 months. Phase 3 Intervention strategies – 5 months. Phase 4 Use of tools – 14 months. Phase 5 Mainstreaming – 4 months.

6 Phase 1 – Field of operations Research for define the districts Gain a deeper knowledge of the context Elaboration of the SMP trademark Internet-intranet site News letter Programming Group and partnership management Mainstreaming

7 Phase 2 – Field know-how Nomination of a panel of enterprises Pre-Focus group to establish requirements International seminar News letter Programming Group and partnership management Mainstreaming

8 Phase 3 Intervention strategies Analyses of the results of the Pre-Focus Group Focus group and Workshop Intervention planning and finalization of necessary tools Selection of participants News letter Programming Group and partnership management Internationality

9 Phase 4 Use of tools Classroom training and transfer of know-how A feasibility study – support of SMP enterprises Stage for entrepreneurs News letter Mainstreaming Programming Group and partnership management Internationality

10 Phase 5 - Mainstreaming Engineering of tools Production of dissemination tools (1000 Cd- roms, internet site, dossier) SMP trademark Final reports Internationality Programming Group and partnership management

11 The 9 operative groups Research Universus Mainstreaming Artes Training Ismo Consultancy Citer Internationality Ires Evaluation Artes ICT Officine Multimediali Local referents Usr Cisl Puglia Social actors Femca Cisl Nazionale

12 Programming group and partnership management Comprises the coordinators of the various working groups Meets once every two months Directs the entire project Every coordinator must refer their individual actions together with the actions of their group to the Programming Group Within the programming group every representative has the power to participate in the direction of the project

13 Promoter Cesos Via Po 102 00198 Roma Tel. 0039-06-84242070 fax 0039-06-85355360 e-mail site:

14 Other Promoters Api Puglia Apq CGIL Regionale Puglia Citer Cna Puglia Confartigianato Confcooperative CoopForm Puglia Cross Ebap Erfea Puglia Europaform Femca Cisl Ial Puglia Ires Officine multimediali Smile Puglia Universus USR Cisl Puglia

15 Other subjects Assessorship responsible for the Programming and Eu policies of Bari The Bari Chamber of Commerce Town Council of Galatina Town Council of Putignano City of Monopoli Town Council of Andria Territorial Pact for Bari and disctrict

16 Other subjects Enaip Puglia Filtea Cgil Bari and Puglia Inas Bari Inas Puglia Uilta Uil Bari UST Cisl Bari and Lecce

17 Other subjects Banca credito cooperativo Bari CNG snc di Carrieri Nicola & Graziano Leader soc coop Consorzio bimbo Sud T-A Confezioni Effegierre Confezioni Gal.Cam Vel.Bel Confezioni 2000 Stireria elite Acc. Donato Calò Acc. Gianni Mignozzi Dr Basile Cataldo

18 Next 3 mounths Focus Group (april) Workshop (may) Selection of enterprises and people (june) Research of italian and european legislation aspects (within june) Research of social certification Sa8000 (within june) Draft for a european directive about black labour (within june)

19 Actions on going Contacts with the Ministry and with Isfol (Institute for the development of vocational training) to understand the rules of the game Agreement with the Region for reports and communication

20 Thank you for your attention You cannot only survive on Equal … However, with the help of Equal life is that little bit better! Domenico Paparella Marco Pinna 0039-335 1260765 Cesos Tel 0039-06-84242070

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