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University of Missouri – Kansas City By: Drew Cox Website: Phone:

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1 University of Missouri – Kansas City By: Drew Cox Website: E-Mail: Phone: (816) 235-1000

2 History UMKC began as the University of Kansas City when it was chartered in 1929. In 1933, UKC began its first classes with 17 instructors and 265 students. In 1936, UKC hosted its first graduating class, a class of 80 students. In July of 1963, UKC joined the University of Missouri System and became UMKC.

3 UMKC Today UMKC currently has 15,492 students enrolled. UMKC has 50+ majors and programs. The student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1. 95% of all educators at UMKC hold doctorates or the highest possible degree of study in their field.

4 General Fees Missouri Resident – Tuition: $8,742 – Books: $1,000 Missouri Non-Resident – Tuition: $20,440 – Books: $1,000

5 General Fees Missouri Resident Fees:

6 General Fees Missouri Non-Resident Fees:

7 General Admission Requirements

8 AP Transfer Credits

9 Meal and Housing Rates Meal Plan 1 - 15 meals per week/$125 flex cash $1,426 (Per Semester) Meal Plan 2 - 12 meals per week/$175 flex cash $1,366 (Per Semester) Meal Plan 3 - 360 Block Meals per year/ $175 flex cash $1,420 (Per Semester) Meal Plan 4 - 320 Block Meals per year/ $200 flex cash $1,420 (Per Semester) Meal Plan 5 - 280 Block Meals per year/ $300 flex cash $1,530 (Per Semester) Johnson Hall & Oak Street Hall Rates – Semester Rates (Per Person) – 4-Person Double Suite $3,100 – Single Room (Private Bath) $3,925 – Single Suite (Shared Bath) $3,840 Oak Place Apartment – Semester Rates (Per Person) – Oak Place 1 Bedroom Apartment $4,580 – Oak Place 2 Bedroom Apartment $4,155 – Oak Place 4 Bedroom Apartment $4,580

10 UMKC School of Nursing

11 Degrees Pre-licensure BSN: – In order to be an RN, many require this degree. This is the general major. Accelerated BSN: – For students that already have a bachelor’s degree in another field but wish to get one in nursing. RN-BSN: – For RNs that wish to get a BSN. Bachelor of Health Sciences: – Health and wellness major.

12 UMKC’S BSN UMKC’s four-year BSN program graduates are required to complete 1200 clinical hours, whereas many other schools require only 900 or less clinical contact hours. This means when you graduate from UMKC with your BSN, you will have at least an additional 300 hands-on clinical hours. Area hospitals often say that UMKC graduates are better prepared and are better nurses because of this additional clinical experience and because of the core clinical courses that are taught. UMKC teaches all facets of nursing as part of the core curriculum. At UMKC, all clinicals are required courses, rather than some being electives only.

13 Prerequisites High school graduates admitted into the nursing major should have completed a college preparatory curriculum that includes: 4 units of English with two units emphasizing composition 4 units of mathematics (at least through algebra II) 3 units of social studies 3 units of science with one being a laboratory course 1 unit of fine arts 2 units of foreign language.

14 Resources aff/documents/UMKC%20Student%20Handbook.pdf aff/documents/UMKC%20Student%20Handbook.pdf requirements.asp requirements.asp 2013/SON/SON_PL_2012_2013.pdf 2013/SON/SON_PL_2012_2013.pdf

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