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2 TANZANIA  And the official languages of Tanzania are Swahili and English  There is a high incidence of poverty, and HIV/AIDs in Tanzania, and the region of Iringa is one of the regions most affected by HIV  Project is in Iringa  Iringa is near to Ruaha National Park

3 THE PROJECT – STAR SCHOOL  The main project will be based at STAR International School, situated just outside Iringa. STAR school is an English speaking school, where the majority of the children are boarding. The school was set up to provide children the opportunity to learn in English, as to be able to attend University they must sit entrance exams in English – so the education they receive there, as well as their exposure to volunteers and teachers speaking English, helps to enhance their English, and broaden their future opportunities.  Projects here will involve arts and crafts, drama and other extra- curricular activities

4 THE PROJECT – VILLAGE PROJECT The rest of your time will be spent in a smaller villages outside Iringa called Lundamatwe. Lundamatwe is a collection of more rural villages which welcomes volunteers warmly and will allow for the chance to create a volunteering based project based on your own skills and interests. The community of Lundamatwe are very friendly and are keen to learn any skills, including English, volunteers have to offer. An English women, Amanda, runs a campsite near y the village where you will be able to stay. All her staff are from the village so you will become integrated and part of the community very quickly. Amanda has a great relationship with her staff and the village so you will make many friends and form many close relationships. This will give you a taster of true African life and may give you the experience to stay in the village to learn from the villagers; cooking, cleaning and living cultures

5 WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? STAR SCHOOL  The DARE volunteers will spend their time running activities in the Arts Centre – which are preferably activities that can be developed open, run for students, by other students, or that future volunteers can continue. Also there will be the opportunity of developing another aspect of the arts centre when school closes e.g building an oil drum kiln, plumbing in a sink, putting guttering on the roof to catch water.  Opportunities Outwith STAR school will be available at:  Deaf & Visually Impaired Unit  Matumani Womens Centre  Tosamaganga Orphanage Here you will have opportunities to run activities, sports and help by playing with and feeding children.

6 WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING- VILLAGE PROJECT  In the village project opportunities will be discussed with the village chairman and Amanda, although your ideas for projects will be welcomed- it is your chance to personalise your experience around your own skills! E.g womens group  Volunteers will also teach English to the villagers in return for Swahili lessons. The community also love to share their own skills and culture, therefore it gives the opportunity to give to the community but also to learn from them yourselves.  We hope that the volunteers will spend 5-6 weeks in the Iringa Region, and the dates will be quite flexible – dependant on what other volunteers have booked the accommodation over the summer period.

7 WHERE WILL YOU BE STAYING – STAR SCHOOL ACCOMMODATION  There are a few options- it will depend on availability, team size and projects being carried out.  The owner of STAR school has apartments within Iringa which is let to volunteers at a rate of $15/person/week. This is on the condition that volunteers complete 3 days of volunteering with STAR.  The apartment has minimal cooking facilities, but the group will be required to cater for themselves

8 WHERE WILL YOU BE STAYING- RIVERVALLEY Campsite beside the village where you will be volunteering. Volunteers will be able to stay in wooden lodges called Bandas for free. This also includes a cooked breakfast of your choice ever morning. The bandas include a toilet and shower. Cooking facilities: barbeques/open fire or you can eat at the restaurant for around £5 for a 3 course meal. The campsite also contains a small shop and a TV room.

9 BRIEF COST OVERVIEW Costs include: Personal Travel insurance £40+ dependant on where you get it, and what cover you want. Immunisations and Malaria tablets (see doctor or contact MASTA e-clinic) Flights ~£700 In country transport Food and drink £100-£150 Fee towards accommodation $15/week Visa & Volunteer permit ~£200

10 TRAVELLING IN TANZANIA  There are so many amazing places that you can visit in Tanzania, whether you want to relax on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar; go on an incredible safari or just immerse yourself in the culture of Tanzania.


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