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2 A LITTLE BIT ABOUT TANZANIA Tanzania is located on the east coast of Africa It is many bordering countries including Kenya, Uganda to the north ;Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia,to the south. Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti National Park and Lake Victoria. The estimated population of Tanzania is 44,928,923 And the official languages of Tanzania are Swahili and English There is a high incidence of poverty, and HIV/AIDs in Tanzania, and the region of Iringa is one of the regions most affected by HIV.

3 THE PROJECT The main project will be based at STAR International School, situated just outside Iringa. STAR school is an English speaking school, where the majority of the children are boarding. The school was set up to provide children the opportunity to learn in English, as to be able to attend University they must sit entrance exams in English – so the education they receive there, as well as their exposure to volunteers and teachers speaking English, helps to enhance their English, and broaden their future opportunities. From the work that the DARE, and volunteers from other organisations did last year plans to develop an arts centre in an out-of-use classroom have been made. The hope is that it will be somewhere that the children can go after classes, or at the weekends, and somewhere that activities can be organised for the children to take part in; as at the moment there is little for the children who board at the school to do at these times. Also, it is hoped that this will help to build the childrens confidence, as many of the children have good English, but lack the confidence to use it and develop it out-with the class setting.

4 IRINGA & THE IRINGA REGION Iringa is a city in central/ southern Tanzania, within the region of Iringa. It is the administrive capital of the Iringa region, and is home to a number of established industries, including manufacturing and food porcessing. Also within the Iringa region is Isimila Stone Age Site, which is spectacular archaeological site. The nearest national park is the Ruaha National park, which is home to numerous animal species, and the summer time is said to be the best time to see predators – including lion, cheetah and leopard in the park.

5 WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? The DARE volunteers will spend their time running activities in the Arts Centre – which are preferably activities that can be developed open, run for students, by other students, or that future volunteers can continue. Also there will be the opportunity of developing another aspect of, it when school closes e.g building an oil drum kiln, plumbing in a sink, putting guttering on the roof to catch water. Opportunities Outwith STAR school will be available at: Deaf & Visually Impaired Unit Matumani Womens Centre Tosamaganga Orphanage Here you will have opportunities to run activities, sports and help by playing with and feeding children. We hope that the volunteers will spend 5-6 weeks in the Iringa Region, and the dates will be quite flexible – dependant on what other volunteers have booked the accommodation over the summer period.

6 WHERE WILL YOU BE STAYING The owner of STAR school has apartments within Iringa which is let to volunteers at a rate of £15/person/week. This is on the condition that volunteers complete 3 days of volunteering with STAR. The apartment has minimal cooking facilities, but the group will be required to cater for themselves. There are also many good places in Iringa where you can eat. In the apartment there are bunk beds – there are however no cupboards or storage facilities, so instead the top bunk is used for luggage, and the bottom bunk for beds.

7 BRIEF COST OVERVIEW Costs include: Personal Travel insurance £40+ dependant on where you get it, and what cover you want. Immunisations and Malaria tablets (see doctor or contact MASTA e-clinic) Flights ~£700 In country transport Food and drink £100-£150 Fee towards accomodation $15/week Visa & Volunteer permit ~£200

8 THE BENEFITS OF THE PROJECT For the locals Helping to expand the opportunities for the students at STAR school by improving their confidence and English; as well as stimulating their imagination and giving them something to do in their spare time. The presence of volunteers helps to encourage teachers to start new activities and develop their teaching – which helps to improve the childrens academic experience. For Volunteers: This project will allow volunteers to make a real impact to the lives of children growing up in a developing country. Not only will you help others but you will also be immersed in another culture, meet new people and have a life changing experience which give you a new and broadened perspective (and probably make you want to do it again!) You will also have the opportunity to travel and see more of Tanzania when the project finishes so you can se the diversity of the country and all the country has to offer.

9 TRAVELLING IN TANZANIA There are so many amazing places that you can visit in Tanzania, whether you want to relax on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar; go on an incredible safari or just immerse yourself in the culture of Tanzania.


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