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Soccer By Jayde Gingles.

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1 Soccer By Jayde Gingles

2 General Rules of Soccer
Have the right size soccer field Don’t use a ball too big or to small, flat or too full. Make sure you play with the right amount of players Don’t play if you don’t have the right equipment (cleats, shin pads, etc.) Know all the rules of soccer. Offside, penalty, hand ball, etc.

3 How to pass a soccer ball
Passing is a big part of soccer so make sure you master this key skill. There are a few different ways to pass a soccer ball. You could use the inside or the outside of your foot, and maybe sometimes your laces. Never, ever pass or kick the ball with the front of your cleat (or your toes). Most ideal place to pass the ball is on the inside in the middle of your foot. You want to keep the ball on the ground when passing especially short distances. To do this kick the center of the ball. If you want to pass long distance and want height kick underneath of the ball. Also, make sure your other foot is planted beside the ball. This will give you better direction and will go to the person your aiming for.

4 Picture of Passing

5 Shooting the ball Shooting the ball is a lot like passing. Except now you have a specific target to shoot at. Before you take a shot make sure the ball is two – three feet ahead of you. It doesn’t have to be but it gives you enough space to give you power. Now run at a side ways angle towards the ball and plant the foot your not shooting with beside the ball. Get all the power to your dominant foot and get ready to shoot REMEMBER TO NOT LEAN BACK Now take a shot and hopefully it goes in the net.

6 Picture of Shooting

7 Different Positions There are four different positions in soccer. Goalie, Defense, Middle, and Forward. Each position is very important, here’s a short recap. Goalie: Keeps ball from going In the net. Defense: Stops ball from going to the goalie. Middle: Runs up and down filed helping everyone out. Forward: Shoots ball at opposing teams net.

8 Positions

9 Thank you for looking at my slide show 
Everything but pictures came from my brain.

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