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Digital Camera Settings

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1 Digital Camera Settings
By Michael Flax

2 Cameras by Megapixel VGA Megapixel Video Graphics Array
640 pixels wide by 480 high .3 megapixel Standard definition television Low resolution Megapixel 1 million pixels 1200 pixels wide by 900 high For PCs and print More pixels, higher resolution Does not necessarily mean better picture

3 Camera Settings Basic Zone Full Auto Portrait
Landscape (long depth of field) Close-Up (selective focus) Sports Night Portrait Flash Off

4 Camera Settings Advanced Settings Program

5 Camera Settings Advanced Settings Time Value (shutter priority)
Indoors 1/60-1/125 Outdoors 1/125-1/3200 Dark Bulb-1/30

6 Camera Settings Advanced Settings Aperture Value Also known as F-Stop
More open allows for more detail in shot

7 Camera Settings Advanced Settings Manual
Adjust shutter speed with the wheel Adjust aperture by pressing AV button and then with the wheel

8 Camera Settings Advanced Settings Auto Depth-of-Field

9 Camera Settings ISO- International Standardization Organization
Image sensor’s sensitivity to light speed 400- middle ground

10 Camera Settings White Balance

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