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Introduction to LS 10A:Elementary Algebra with Geometry Multimedia Course with ALEKS tutorial.

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1 Introduction to LS 10A:Elementary Algebra with Geometry Multimedia Course with ALEKS tutorial

2 Course Information Includes: Materials needed Course description Extra Lab Hours. Chancellor’s Mandate for Remediation Attendance Requirements and Procedures Grading Standards Requirements for second session. Quick Start for ALEKS

3 Course Materials Needed ALEKS e-learning software with access code, McGraw-Hill, 2003. Hornet Bookstore or online at ELM Review: Baker, Barrick, Fredenburg, and Katz, 2004.Bookstore. Scientific Calculator—e.g. TI-34. Diagnostic Tests:CSUS Math. Bookstore

4 Course Description Review of fundamental concepts. Elementary algebra. Measurement Geometry in an algebra context. Satisfies the ELM placement requirement. For those that scored 36-48 on the ELM placement exam. Meets three hours a week, additional hours required.

5 Lab Hours Required 50 hours of ALEKS work in 15 weeks is a mandatory minimum. A minimum of 4 hours per week will need to be completed, including class hours. Open hours in this lab will be posted by the second week. Additional hours may be logged from home or other campus labs. See

6 Chancellor’s EO 665 Mandate Chancellor requires that students who score lower than 550 on math SAT must take the ELM placement exam. Those that score from 36 - 50 are required to take LS 10A. Students must finish their LS math courses within a year of enrollment or they will be dismissed from California State University.

7 Attendance Requirements Attendance is mandatory. Missing up to 20 minutes of class is a partial absence, 20 minutes or more is an absence. If you have three or more absences within the first four weeks of the semester, you will be disenrolled from the university. After the first four weeks: After 3 absences, your instructor will give you written notification and information about submitting a written petition to the LS 10A Multimedia coordinator, Anne Katz. After 4 absences, submit the required petition and documentation within one week to Prof. Katz, to remain in your LS math class and not receive an “NC”. 5 absences result in an “NC”. Only students with verified passage of the ELM may quit attending. With passage of the EGAD, they may also receive credit.

8 Grading Standards Complete at 55 hours or 70 % of ALEKS. Complete all work with at least a 70% average. Achieve a final exam score of at least 70%. Student must take all midterm exams to be eligible to take final. Score at least 25 out of 45 on the EGAD exam. Grades: CR, RP, and NC.

9 Requirements for 2 nd Session ALEKS software and ELM Review. Log into ALEKS. Work the tutorial on ALEKS tools. Begin the first ALEKS assessment and complete it by the end of the week. Request placement in an LS10A Lecture class by the second week of class if you are unable to start your ALEKS work.

10 ALEKS Quick Start for Students with ALEKS access code. Log on to For first time users at home load in the appropriate plug-ins. Click on Register with ALEKS.Register with ALEKS Type in the course code given to you by your instructor, then click “next”. Type in the access code found in the back of your ALEKS booklet. Begin the tools tutorial and then the assessment.

11 ALEKS Quick Start for Students Without ALEKS Access Code. Log on to Click on Be our Guest.Be our Guest Work the tool tutorial. Follow the instructions on the preceding Powerpoint screen when you buy your access code.

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