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CSU Executive Order 665 The One Year Rule For Remediation.

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1 CSU Executive Order 665 The One Year Rule For Remediation

2 Why Am I in Sci 2? 67 fall 2013 frosh were disenrolled this fall 9 passed Sci 2 in fall enrolled but failed 55 did not take Sci 2 (82%) 29 fall 2013 frosh DQ’d after the spring semester 2 passed Sci 2 in fall received an Incomplete 26 did not take Sci 2 (90%) 40 fall 2013 frosh did not return in spring 1 passed Sci 2 in fall received WU 33 did not take Sci 2 (82.5%)

3 Important Points Read your messages regularly on MySJSU - Set it to send you a notification when a message has been posted. Keep your profile information up to date.

4 Important Points All remediation must be completed within your first year. Enrollment in remedial requirements is mandatory. If you drop or do not attend a remedial course, you will be disenrolled from SJSU.

5 Administrative Academic Probation Students who did not satisfy Early Start and are on Administrative Academic Probation must pass their remedial class this fall. If they receive NC this fall, they will be withdrawn and not able to attend in the spring.

6 Important Points (cont’d) You will have an ELM and/or EPT service indicator listed under your holds on MySJSU. Until you have completed remediation, you will be limited to the list of approved classes on the Developmental Studies web page. You will be limited to enrolling in 14 units.

7 Important Points (cont’d) Registration for Spring Classes – You will not be able to register for subsequent math and/or English classes until your fall grade has been reported, no matter when your registration date occurs.

8 Important Points (cont’d) Completing Remediation English: Pass LLD 2 Promote from LLD 1 to English 1A Pass HA 96S (spring) NOTE: The EPT cannot be retaken.

9 Important Points (cont’d) Completing Remediation Math: Pass Math 3B, 6B or 6L Pass UNVS 15B/C (spring) Pass the ELM with a score of 50 or more. NOTE: It takes 4-6 weeks to get results back from ETS.

10 Important Points (cont’d) No Repeat Policy – If you receive NC in any remedial course this fall, you cannot retake that course at SJSU. – You must complete the equivalent course outside SJSU while taking other classes here. – You can remain enrolled at SJSU until your time limit is up.

11 Exceptions to the Time Limit One semester extensions to the time limit are only given for the following reasons: You were unable to enroll in a remedial course at SJSU because all sections were full. The AEC requests an extension. International students get one additional semester to complete the EPT requirement at a community college.

12 Important Points (cont’d) Leave of Absence Students in good standing who do not return for the spring semester will be placed on an EO 665 Leave of Absence. Students who fail to complete remediation within their first year will be placed on a leave of absence.

13 Leave of Absence An EO 665 Leave of Absence is good for up to one year. While on a Leave of Absence, you cannot take classes at SJSU. You can take other transferrable courses at a community college while on leave. You can return to SJSU without reapplying if you are able to complete your remedial requirement within one year.

14 Leave of Absence (cont’d) To clear your EPT requirement, you must pass a course equivalent to English 1A with a C or better. To clear your ELM requirement, you must pass Intermediate Algebra with a C (or CR) or better. Once you are enrolled in the appropriate course, contact Susan McClory.

15 Leave of Absence (cont’d) If you are on an EO 665 Leave of Absence and are unable to complete remediation within one year, you will need to reapply at a future date. SJSU currently does not accept lower division transfers. Therefore, you will need to reapply when you are a junior.

16 Susan McClory Director of Developmental Studies Clark Hall Room pmentalstudiesatsjsu/

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