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Math 260 Hybrid(5518) Orientation–Summer 2015 Monday, June 15, 2015, 11:00-12:30 Instructor: Anne Siswanto Website: Course.

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1 Math 260 Hybrid(5518) Orientation–Summer 2015 Monday, June 15, 2015, 11:00-12:30 Instructor: Anne Siswanto Website: Course ID: siswanto68776 Class meets every Thursday 12:00 – 2:00 in C2-128A, except for Thursday, July 16. Some meetings maybe scheduled online through CCC Confer

2 Hybrid vs. Face-to-face Advantages: –Saved commute time and gas –Flexibility in Completing Assignments Disadvantages: –Lack of supervision –Problem with procrastination A successful hybrid student: –has a high level of motivation to succeed –Able to manage time and utilize all the resources 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto2

3 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto3 Textbook Options There are three options for textbook: Option 1 ELAC Custom Version of textbook + MML Precalculus with MyMathLab by Sullivan Custom Edition for ELAC and Santa Monica ISBN 1-2561-5168-8 Price: $ 119 ** the least expensive option** Option 2 Standalone MyMathLab (Course Compass) Student Access Code. E-Book is included online Price: $114 from the or $50-$70 from, E-Bay or

4 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto4 Textbook Options - 2 Option 3 Regular package textbook + MML - available anywhere else. Price $220 or $223 – MML Access Code is included. Textbook: Precalculus: Concepts Through Functions, A Unit Circle Approach to Trigonometry, 2/E MyMathLab (Course Compass) Access Code, Package ISBN-10: 0321704347 | ISBN-13: 9780321704344 OR Package ISBN-10: 0321730550 | ISBN-13: 9780321730558

5 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto5 Important Information Adding Students –Prerequisites for the online class Satisfactory Completion of Math 125, need to show proof either by showing an unofficial transcript or placement exam result –Class Capacity: 40 In order not to be dropped, ALL students need to –Login to Course Compass and ETUDES by Tuesday, June 16, 2015 –Submit online HW sections 1.1-1.7 by Saturday, June 20, 2015 –Post introduction in ETUDES by Saturday, June 20, 2015

6 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto6 Method of Evaluation Final Exam 25% Three Tests 40% Participation 10% Class notes 10% Online homework 10%** Online Homework Portfolio 5% Total 100 % + 3% extra credit for students who finishes online homework on time AND doing the extra credit problems, available online. **Write down the steps when doing online homework for the portfolio. Staple each chapter and put them inside a report cover (not a binder).

7 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto7 Grading System A: 90 – 100 B: 80 – 89.9 C:65 – 79.9 D: 55 – 64.5 F: below 55 ** At the end of the course, the online homework average is multiplied by 1.1. Late Homework will have 10% penalty.

8 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto8 Navigating ETUDES Announcements Resources –Read Welcome Note and Week 1 Assignment, Syllabus, Calendar Communication –Send Private Message –Discussion Board (Cyber Café, Introduction, Take Home Tests, and four required topics) –Chat Room Grade Book

9 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto9 Course Compass / MyMathLab –Website: –Need a valid email address, CourseID, and MyMathLab (Course Compass) Access Code which is bundled with the new textbook –Need to register once before login –Can Request Temporary Access for 17 days before purchasing Access Code –Zip Code is 91754 –Tech Support: 1 800 677 6337 –Need to perform browser check

10 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto10 Navigating Course Compass - 1 Multimedia Library Contains: –E-Book –Videos –Power Point –Animation Take Notes when viewing any of the above and turn them in during the test. Assignments –Online Homework (write the steps of all questions in online homework – graded as Online Homework Portfolio) –HW turned in after the due date will get 10% penalty for each question turned in late

11 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto11 Navigating Course Compass - 2 Browser Check / Installation Wizard Link to Pearson online tutoring (needs course ID for this class)

12 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto12 Tips for Success Make sure to have 20 - 25 hours per week dedicated for this class For Summer, this should be the only class. Stay on top of schedule –All materials are available since the beginning -> finish work early Take notes –CCC Confer Videos (ETUDES) –Online Interactive E-Book –Camtasia Lecture Videos Use Multimedia Library to find the videos, e-book, power point

13 Cont: Tips for Success –Online Pearson Tutoring - free –ELAC Math Lab in K5-104 – free Post any general and questions in Discussion Board Q & A inside ETUDES so that everyone can respond 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto13

14 How to Study for This Class Watch the CCC Confer videos, Camtasia lecture videos, power point, or interactive E-Book for each section Take NOTES while watching. Only turn in notes which are done outside classroom Do the online homework. –You can always correct your mistake (by clicking “similar exercise”) and improve your scores even after the due dates. –Remember to show NEAT work for your online homework portfolio. Do extra credit. –Important: to open an online extra credit, you need 80% or higher on all homework. –You can submit the extra credit up to three (3) times and only the highest score counts. 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto14

15 Cont: How to Study Go to Study Plan and click on the pencil icon to do more practice on the problem you missed on the test. Before each on-campus test –Study the sample test –Study your notes and online homework portfolio. 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto15

16 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto16 Today’s Assignments Process the add slip Purchase textbook and login to Course Compass Navigate ETUDES and Course Compass Perform browser check and install the Plugins Read all files inside Course Information Print Syllabus and Calendar Do Week 1 Assignment ASAP

17 7/2/2015Instructor: Anne Siswanto17 Good luck and “see you” in class!

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