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American Government and Economics: Comparative Politics Mr. Chortanoff Chapter 22 Overview and Insights.

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1 American Government and Economics: Comparative Politics Mr. Chortanoff Chapter 22 Overview and Insights

2 Map of the UK

3 Democracy in the US and Great Britain United StatesBothGreat Britain Written Constitution Federal Government Republican Democracy Presidential System: Separation of Powers. President is chosen from and by the PEOPLE Regularly scheduled elections Two-Party System Democracies Voters elect some (GB) or all of the legislators (US) Civil Rights/Liberties are protected Voting Age: 18 Bicameral Legislature Unwritten Constitution, traditions, customs Unitary Government Constitutional Monarchy Parliamentary System: No Separation of Powers. Prime Minister chosen from and by the Parliament PM can be removed with a Parliamentary vote of “no confidence” at any time Multiparty System

4 Map of Japan

5 Government and Politics in Japan ConstitutionNational DietThe Bureaucracy Political PartiesJudicial System Adopted in 1947 Rejects Emperor’s Declaration of Sovereign Power Places power in the hands of the people Has anti- military clause House of Councilors has prestige but little power House of Representatives has much power Consensus- based political system The bureaucracy or civil service receives respect and power within Japanese society One party, the Liberal Democrats (LDP), dominates the government Leading party controls the prime ministership Independent judicial system is patterned on the American model Has trial courts at the local level, several intermediate appellate courts, and a Supreme Court

6 Map of Mexico

7 The General Congress: 1)The national legislature is a bicameral body, composed of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies 2)Each of the 31 Mexican states has two senators 3)The Chamber of Deputies has 500 members Three Branches of the Mexican Government The President: 1)Popularly elected to a single six year term 2)Selects members of the Cabinet and top civilian officers in government, and appoints the senior officers of the armed forces and all federal judges 3)Can propose amendments to the Constitution The Court System: 1)Mexico’s independent judicial system is similar to that of the US 2)Two levels, state and federal, operate within the court system 3)The federal judiciary is based on circuit and district courts that function under the Supreme Court

8 Map of the USSR/Russia

9 The Fall of the Soviet Union Causes: 1.The Cold War “arms race” with the US strains and breaks the USSR’s economy. 2.President Gorbachev introduces new reforms, aimed at restructuring political and social life. 3.Gorbachev’s reforms encourage a wave of democratization across Eastern Europe 4.Independence movements begin, and several Soviet republics break away 5.Thousands of Russians call for Russian independence The Soviet Union Falls In 1993, a new constitution is passed, instituting a government built on separation of powers and guaranteeing individual rights. Dozens of new political parties form. The Soviet Republics break away and form independent countries. Examples: include Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Estonia.

10 Map of China/Taiwan

11 A nation- wide system of people’s courts deals with criminal and civil cases. China’s Government Today China’s Communist Government The national government is composed of the National People’s Congress and the State Council China’s Communist Party is the largest political party in the world. Only CCP members can serve the military and government. The Constitution is not permanent law; rather is a reflection of current government policies. Taiwan believes it rules all of China. China believes it rules Taiwan

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