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Muscular System. Purpose  Provides motion  Maintains posture.

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1 Muscular System

2 Purpose  Provides motion  Maintains posture

3 Main Part = 600+ muscles  Two major categories: Voluntary Involuntary

4 Three Types of Muscles  Smooth: muscles found in organs and in blood vessels and glands.  Skeletal: attached to bone. Called striated because they are made up of fibers that have horizontal strips.  Cardiac: muscles surrounding the heart.

5 Involuntary Vs. Voluntary Muscles VOLUNTARY  We can control Arms Legs Face All movement INVOLUNTARY  We don’t control Heart Arteries and Veins Digestive Tract Stomach

6 Tendons  Tough tissue fiber that attaches muscles to bones  Muscles work in pairs: when one is contracting (shortening) the other must relax and lengthen

7 Problems  Pulled or torn muscle: muscle that has been torn away from the bone.  Strain: any type of soreness that develops in a muscle because of overuse. Caused by tiny tears to the muscle or tendon.  Cramp: a muscle that has remained contracted. Typically feels tight and sore and is a sign to drink more water.

8 How to keep your Muscular System Healthy 1. Discontinue exercise if you have a muscle injury 2. Warm up and stretch before vigorous exercise 3. Exercise different muscle groups regularly 4. Select foods and beverages containing carbohydrates and proteins for energy and muscle development.

9 Diet and the Muscular System  Foods high in protein are meat, fish, and poultry, nuts, dried beans, milk products, soybeans and tofu  If a diet lacks “carbs” the body will burn protein (eating the bodies muscle)

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