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What we know so far about the Paris Basin.....

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1 What we know so far about the Paris Basin.....
Factors that influence Primary economic activity in the Paris Basin Physical Factors Human Factors

2 Factors that influence Primary economic activity in the Paris Basin

3 Human Factors that influence agriculture in the Paris Basin
2. Transport infrastructure Transport infrastructure is very well developed in the Paris Basin region. The city is the most important centre of the French motorway network Paris has an extensive road network with over 2,000 km of roads. By road, Brussels can be reached in 3 hours, Frankfurt can be reached in 6 hours and Barcelona can be in 12 hours By train, major European Capitals (Brussels, Amsterdam and London) can be reached in less than 3 hours. Ports developed at Paris, Rouen and Le Harve enable raw materials to be transported easily These connections make the Paris Basin an ideal location for industry and settlement

4 Human Factors that influence agriculture in the Paris Basin
3. Government / EU Policies The EU allocates CAP (Common Agricultural Policy – Support rural development) and structural funding which have added to the presence of excellent farm land making France the leading agricultural producer and exporter in Europe.

5 Secondary Economic Activities in the Paris Basin
Paris is the economic centre of the country it has more manufacturing industries than any other region in France

6 Physical and Human reasons that attract industries to Paris
Access The River Seine runs through Paris for 13KM and its tributaries (Oise, Marne) provide a natural transport network across the region Ports developed at Le Harve and Rouen enable raw materials and finished products to be transported easily The low lying relief enabled the development of the rail and road networks which are focused on Paris. The road and TGV Train à Grande Vitesse (French high speed train).  rail network is focused on Paris city making Paris very accessible and attractive to industry. 4 Airports located in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – Paris's main international airport Orly Airport – Paris's second international airport Beauvais-Tillé Airport – the airport of Beauvais, serving as Paris airport for budget airlines Paris–Le Bourget Airport – the original city airport



9 2. Population The Paris Basin has a Population of 21 million people
Paris City has a population of 10 million people This large, educated and wealthy population provide a skilled labour force and market for manufactured luxury goods. This attracts industry to the area.

10 3. Agricultural Raw Materials
There is a wide variety of agricultural products grown on the fertile soils of the Paris Basin. Example, cereals, vine, cheese, beef and milk, aromatic plants (Lavender) These provide raw materials for the food processing and cosmetic industries.

11 4. Government Policy The Government has encouraged industrial development in the Paris Basin by designating 8 competitive clusters in the region. These clusters bring industry, business and research together and aim to increase production in many new and existing industries. An example of one is Cosmetic Valley a large area to the West of Paris

12 Cosmetic Valley Watch the clip and answer the following questions on Cosmetic Valley Cosmetic Valley is the leading centre for what? What percentage of the world’s beauty products are manufactured in Cosmetic Valley? How many companies in the field of Beauty products are located in Cosmetic Valley? When and where was the modern perfume industry established? Name 3 activities that the companies within the Cosmetic Valley do.. How many professionals are working in Cosmetic valley? What is the annual turnover for cosmetic Valley?

13 Cosmetic Valley Cosmetic Valley is an area in the Paris Basin that includes Over 400 Companies 6 Universities accounting for 45,000 jobs and a turnover of over 10 Billion euro/15 Billion dollars (the amount of money taken in a year) Cosmetic Valley is a centre for specialist human resources in many businesses in the cosmetics industry from growing aromatic plants creating and formulating products manufacturing perfumes and cosmetics control testing and analysis laboratories advertising, design and packaging. All of these factors make the Paris Basin a major industrial centre.

14 Paris City Paris accounts for 20% of the French workforce
Its an area that manufacturers products such as... Chanel Fashion Cartier Jewellery Yves Saint Laurent perfume Citreon Cars

15 Central Business District (CBD)
Is in a section of the city north of the river Seine where busy offices, factories and shops are found. Specialist educational and academic printing and publishing activities are located close to the Universities in the City. Example the world famous Sorbonne University Heavy steel Manufacturing (rail, steel and oil refining) is located further out from the city. Food processing is a major industry in the region, producing cheese, wine and vegetables.

16 Manufacturing Companies in Paris City
Clear The Board Paris Central Business District Manufacturing Companies in Paris City Cosmetic Valley 8 clusters in the Paris Basin Population Access Drainage Relief Soils Climate

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