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Studying Abroad Lisa Stoker Global Education & Erasmus Officer, International Office.

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1 Studying Abroad Lisa Stoker Global Education & Erasmus Officer, International Office

2 The objective of this session is to provide information on… Internationalisation at Keele University Exchange opportunities available as part of your degree programme

3 Internationalisation at Keele New - Dean of Internationalisation 15% international students on campus are studying full time programmes Study Abroad/Exchange students each year Teaching & Administrative staff mobility Short programmes at Keele Language learning opportunities International student events and societies

4 Who can go abroad? Practically everyone at Keele! In the past 20 years, students from over 50 different principal subjects, taking over 80 different subject combinations, have been abroad on exchange.

5 Where can I study abroad?

6 More than 70 University partners in 32 countries North America Europe Africa Asia Australia

7 What do you get out of studying abroad? A challenge beyond the ordinary Academic and personal development A boost for your CV and employability The experience of a different culture and method of teaching, lifestyle, and a new perspective on things you may have taken for granted Development of an understanding of your cultural values

8 When can I study abroad and for how long? For a single semester of your Second Year - either 1st or 2 nd semester, depending on the destination and your subject area Some subject areas offer the opportunity for an international year – Year 2b -between the Keele second and third years.

9 Year 2 B This exciting opportunity extends the degree to 4 years. Students’ degrees read ‘with International Year’ as part of their degree title. Currently Humanities, Chemistry & Mathematics students can choose to do ‘Year2b’ on a Pass/Fail basis Modules studied can compliment your degree programme at Keele.

10 What do I study? For Year 2 exchange, students take modules that match the modules that you would be studying at Keele Studying abroad on exchange counts towards your degree in the same way as if you remained at Keele Experience life in another culture without having to speak another language

11 How much does it cost? 1. Tuition fees will be paid to Keele in the normal way 2. Estimated living costs can be higher (compared to living at Keele): Additional CostsTransferable Costs FlightsFood VisasAccommodation Compulsory travel insuranceBooks VaccinationsDaily living costs Extra travelling for fun Staying in touch with home

12 What sources of funding are available? Student Finance Eligible for tuition fee loan & maintenance loan and grant (if applicable) Travel grant for eligible students Keele Bursaries Currently £1000 for eligible candidates ERASMUS grants (EU only) BUTEX scholarships Check your LEA for funding that might be available locally

13 I am interested, what do I do when I come to Keele? Information Sessions with Global Education Team staff and student volunteers Meetings with Student Peer Advisers Apply in the first semester of your first year Candidates must obtain references from Keele academic staff Competitive nomination based on quality of application and references Places confirmed based on First Year grades Intercultural Communication module provides a foundation to the exchange experience

14 Intercultural Communication Learn more about the culture you are going to Be better prepared for your time overseas Runs in both semesters, depending on whether your placement abroad is in Semester One or Two Preparatory and reflective learning experience Students also participate in a Re- entry workshop upon their return

15 Accommodation Whilst Abroad The Partner University will assist you in finding accommodation - if you meet their deadlines Return to Keele Student Accommodation Services at Keele will help you to find off-campus accommodation when you return. Look up to view all off-campus properties Look for housemates - contact other Keele exchange students through our Facebook group.

16 Short-term Programmes April or Summer Indiana – Criminology Tennessee – Forensics Malaysia – Parasitology Korea - Media & Communications IDRAC, France – Language and Business Studies

17 Short-term Language Programmes 3 - 4 week Summer courses China - Ludong University Germany – Lüneburg University Japan – Kyoto University Japan – Tokyo Metropolitan Russia – Tver State University Spain - Nebrija University, Madrid

18 How do I find out more? Once you arrive at Keele for your first semester, watch out for: - Global Education Fair - Information Sessions - Emails Talk to the Global Education Team/ Peer Advisers

19 Photos All the photos in this presentation were taken by Keele students studying abroad, here are some more…









28 Don’t just take our recommendation…

29 Mobile students get top marks Students who spend part of their degree overseas achieve higher final grades than those who choose to stay put.

30 How does study abroad change you? Gives you the ability to think more complexly and creatively and you may be more professionally successful as a result Students who adopted an open and adaptive attitude to foreign cultures became more able to make connections among disparate ideas. Undergraduate students who had been abroad outperformed other students (including those planning to go) in creative thinking Multi cultural engagement predicted number of job offers received after programme ended: “people with this international experience are more likely to create new businesses and products and be promoted”

31 Employer perspectives on Studying Abroad Increasingly globalised nature of the modern workplace, a need to bridge gaps in cultural understanding Employers want people with a global outlook Require staff who can be flexible, adapt to changing environments, resilient, open, confident and curious Study Abroad gives students the confidence, self awareness, cultural awareness, and ability to work effectively with people from different backgrounds

32 Institute for the International Education of Students Surveyed over 3,400 Study Abroad students Found that studying abroad is usually a defining moment in a young person’s life and continues to impact the participant's life for years after the experience.

33 Thank you for attending… Please visit our stand and meet the Peer Advisers

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