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CISC London, England Summer 2008 Faculty director: Lori Pollock Summer 2008.

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1 CISC London, England Summer 2008 Faculty director: Lori Pollock Summer 2008

2 Time Line and Location Leave July 12 evening. Arrive London July 13 AM. 30 days in country Return August 12 or 13. Home Base: London, England Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland And several other 1-day trips

3 Each student takes 2 courses CISC 367 Software Testing the theory and practice of software testing – test case generation, test process, test coverage, oracles, tools for testing CISC 367 Tools for the Software Cycle integrated development environments, version control, software testing, performance profiling, debugging tools – goals, use in practice, technology behind the scenes Both approved as CIS technical electives Honors credit available / Minimal programming

4 So, why London, England? England has many highly respected research labs and institutions in software engineering –Microsoft Research in Cambridge –IBM in Hurley Park –British Telecom Lab in Ipswich –Many research universities

5 Tentative Weekly Schedule Mondays: 1 ½ hour each class; lab time Tuesdays: ½ to 1-day academic visit Wednesdays: 3 hours classtime; lab time Thursdays: 1-day academic visit Fridays: 3 hours classtime; cultural event (Classes all in UD London Centre) Saturdays/Sundays: local outings or on own

6 Academic Excursions 1. London: University College; Imperial College 2. Cambridge: Microsoft Research 3. Hurley Park: IBM 4. Ipswich: British Telecom 5. Lancaster University

7 River boat down the Thames River

8 Hampton Court Palace Visit home of Henry VIII

9 The Science Museum, London Home of the Babbage Machine: Charles Babbage (Dec. 1791 – Oct. 1871) Computer scientist who originated the idea of a programmable computer.

10 Excursion to Edinburgh, Scotland 2 hotel nights Edinburgh Castle tour

11 Living Arrangements Flats near UD center –3 bedrooms (6 people) –Requesting internet –Kitchen

12 Transportation London tube pass (included in program fee) Bus/train tickets for all academic visits Train to Edinburgh and back

13 Benefits Learn valuable software engineering tools and testing skills Get 6 credits of CIS technical electives Visit several international companies and learn about impact and areas of computing Gain cultural experience in the vibrant city of London and Edinburgh

14 Program Costs The estimated program fee is $4,050 This includes: –Airfare –30 days apartment –London tube pass –Transportation to all academic visits –Transportation and 2 nights hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland –Special group events (Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, river boat down the Thames, Edinburgh castle, farewell event Cost of tuition for 2 courses

15 Helping with the Costs Important Deadlines Oct. 15 - Global Citizenship Awards (Need-based Scholarships) Feb. 25 – Global Scholars Awards Financial Aid

16 Ready to apply?? ms/default.asp ms/default.asp Application, recommendation, and $300 deposit deadline: February 25, 2008 $1200 deposit deadline: March 15, 2008 Final program fee balance due: April 5, 2008 Tuition and Registration Fee due: mid-May, 2008 But apply early!!

17 Ready to go? What is needed? Valid passport Passion to travel abroad Interest in visiting some international research and development institutions… Laptop computer recommended

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